I looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful.

John Locke, White Rabbit (Episode 1×3)

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This is one of two LOST connected projects on this page. In preparation for the the last and final season I’ll be re-watching the show and posting short summaries for each episode. Once final season begins I’ll post on the main page a link parade of recaps and speculation. I would like to also mention that whenever I needed full dialogue transcriptions of important sections (end of Season 5), I found them on www.televisionwithoutpity.com who does a longer, more detailed job of recapping the entire series.

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Season 1:

Pilot Part 1

Crazy things those eyes. Hello Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer, Charlie, Claire, Sun, Jin, Michael, Boone, Shannon, Sayid, Hurley & Vincent. Bye Oceanic 815.  Transceiver? Check. Badly mutilated pilot by a mysterious monster no can see but all can hear? Check.

Pilot Part 2

Lets get to the top of the mountain to catch a signal. No? Alright, lets listen to a message in French repeated for 16 years. We’re going to be here a long time. Did I mention that Jack’s a Doctor, Kate is a criminal, Sawyer likes to hoarde stuff, Charlie like’s drugs, Sun & Jin just talk to each other, Claire is pregnant, Shannon is whiny….Boone is well Boone, Sayid used to be in the Republican Guard, Locke is weird,  and Hurley is funny.  Also–Castaway’s meet your friend: The Polar Bear.

Tabula Rasa

Kate. On the lam, chased around by a crazy US Marshall–who catches her and currently is dieing on the island because a piece of metal is in his gut. Oh-wait, no Sawyer shoots him to save him, but does not quite do it right, so Jack takes care of it. Did I mention that they’re all Lost? Locke blows a whistle and here come’s Vincent–so finally Michael makes a connection with Walt. Er, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT (but wait, that comes later).


Locke’s Story. He’s a General (when playing Risk)! He’s Lonely!  He’s going to Australia! He’s in a Wheelchair!

Locke on the Island. He has lots of knives, hunts boar because all the food got eaten. Jack is seeing some strange things (a man in a suit). Did I mention that Locke came Face to Face with the monster and somehow survived? Also the signal booster Sayid tried to build broke. We meet Rose who lost her husband, Bernard–and there’s a memorial. Sniff.

White Rabbit

On the Island: Jack sees the guy in the suit everywhere. The Castaway’s are out of water. The guy in the suit is his dad. Jack, sleepless and crazy runs around and almost falls down a cliff. Locke to the rescue!  We’ve found water…..and an empty coffin. Jack steps up and stops everyone from beating up Boone who tried to save a drowning lady, but mucked it all up by “protecting the water.”  

Enter stage right: the daddy issues. Jack and his father don’t get a long. Jack’s a surgeon, his dad’s a surgeon. Jack has to go to Australia to bring him back, but Dad’s disappeared and is apparently a raging alcoholic and gets into bar fights.

Also: Did I mention that that empty coffin belongs to Jack’s dad? That’s right, apparently he’s dead.

Notable Quotation: “If we can’t live together, we’re going to die alone.” (Jack)

House of the Rising Sun

The Ballad of Sun & Jin: Girl loves boy (she’s rich, he’s not). Boy loves girl. Boy and Girl get married, but Boy has to work for Dad’s father. Boy becomes an enforcer–scares girl. Girl decides to escape, concocts crazy plan and then does not go through with it.

The Ballad of Sun & Jin (on the Island): Jin goes crazy and beats up Michael over a watch. Sun fixes it all because she can speak English but hubby does not know! Honor, schmoner.

Jack, Locke, Kate, & Charlie retrieve H20. Charlie is caught by Locke who cuts off the drugs, but gives him a guitar (cause’ he’s a big Driveshaft fan!). The castaway’s split. Team Jack: To the Caves with Adam & Eve and the black and white stones they carry. Team Sawyer/Sayid/Kate: On the Beach.

The Moth

Charlie. At first a believer, then a sinner. The drugs his brother introduced him to. Three chances Locke gives him. On the third he throws his relief into the fire. Charlie isn’t really useless. Jack’s stuck in a cave and Charlie saves him. They follow a moth. (Triangulation fails, someone doesn’t want the group to get off the island and Sayid ends up with a big ol’ smack on his head.)

Confidence Man

Sawyer’s story. He’s a con man whose life was destroyed by a Con Man. His name’s not really Sawyer. He also doesn’t really have Shannon’s asthma medication though he lets Sayid torture him for it. (At least he got a big ol’ kiss from Kate). Sayid leaves. Charlie convinces Claire with fake peanut butter to come to the caves, and Shannon’s breathing is relived by eucalyptus leaves found by Sun.


Sayid (oh how we love thee). Feeling bad about torturing Sawyer goes off on his own. Starts following a rope into the woods and gets caught in a trap by a French woman….yes the French woman Rousseau. She’s looking for Alex and thinks he’s an Other who whisper in the quiet and make islander’s sick.  Sayid is looking for his lost love, Nadia whom he saved from certain death.

The rest of the islanders play golf.
Rousseau: “There are no such things as Monsters”

Raised by Another

Claire. Pregnant and happy. Sees a creepy fortune teller. Pregnant, alone and unhappy. Fortune teller sees that something bad will happen if the baby is not raised by her–go to LA. Claire. Nightmares–of the child being taken, of her giving it up. Locke creepy at a table accusing. Claire attacked but does not want to be seduced.  Hurley realizes that Ethan (creepy Ethan Rhoem) was not on Flight 816. Sayid stumbles out of the woods yelling about the others.  Claire and Charlie are now missing, but we know that Ethan found them……

Catch a Falling Star and Put it in your pocket never let it fade away….

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Search parties all around. Jack clearly had problems with his Dad who, also a surgeon had a problem with the drink.  So Jack is second guessing himself–he should have known that Claire did not make anything up. Jack get’s beat up by Ethan, but then finds Charlie, nearly dead hanging from a noose in the tree.  Revived, he remembers nothing just that they wanted Claire.  Oh–Boone and Locke? They find the HATCH.

Whatever The Case May Be
Kate & Sawyer find a case that he can’t open. She want’s something that’s in it, and in a flashback we find out that she uses a bunch of bank robbers to get into a safe deposit box to get the same thing. What is it? A tiny plane that belongs to the she loved and killed. The beach encampment has to be moved and Locke & Boone wander off to beat open the hatch Sayid gets Shannon to translate some French which ends up to be some familiar lyrics (Somewhere….beyond the sea).

Hearts and Minds
Shannon & Boone. Not bro and sis but stepbro and stepsis. She uses him for money (rescue me!) and then sleeps with him before telling him nothing matters.  Boone wants to tell her about the hatch, and also doesn’t like the looks that Sayid is giving her. So, naturally, Locke drugs him with peyote where he sees smokey and Shannon die (she didn’t). How does he feel? Relieved. Also–Kate learns that Sun speaks English, and Hurley bonds with Jin.

Locke to Boone: “I gave you an experience that was vital to your survival on this island.”

Charlie to Jack on Locke:  “If there was one man on this island I would put my absolute faith in to save us all, it would be John Locke.”

Michael & Walt. First of all-Walt’s mom is Cam from Bones….so I will now call her Cam since I can’t remember her name on the show (Susan).  Cam has Walt, Michael is an artist all is well. Cam decides everything is not well and takes baby Walt and moves to Amsterdam. She marries some dude name Brian and visits Michael in the hospital (he gets hit by a car) and basically guilt’s him into letting Brian adopt Walt. Cam dies in Australia. Michael is forced to play the bad guy and say that he’s making Walt come with him.  On the Island–Walt hates Michael. Michael can’t get no respect…..but in the end when Michael, Locke and Walt defeat a Polar Bear in Single combat all is well and they look at the cards Michael sent to Walt that Cam hid. Sucks. Also–Walt is strangely special. He makes birds die and sees things in his head.

Charlie reads Claire’s diary and she says nice things about him but also mentions the Black Rock in a dream. Michael decides to build a raft. Oh–speaking of Claire she stumbles out of the woods not looking too great.

Charlie: Addicted he tries to run his own con, but falls in love–wants to be respectable instead. So he tries to sell a copier and fails. Driveshaft is dead, and so is any chance of a normal life.

Claire is back, but doesn’t remember anything from the time of the crash and when she was taken. She doesn’t remember Charlie. Ethan jumps Charlie in the woods and the monster vows to kill one castaway every night that Claire is not returned. So Jack pulls out the guns and Claire–who refuses to be protected–lets herself be bait. They get Ethan–but Charlie, Charlie who had been strung up and left for dead, shoots him four times in the chest.

Sawyer: Revenge. Someone finds his man in Australia but he can’t do it. Its too hard. He goes to a bar and gets drunk and meets Christian who has a message–that his son saved his life, and that he wishes he could pick up the phone and tell his son that but he can’t take the steps to end the torment. Leaving things up to Fate is why the Red Sox will never win the pennant. Sawyer should not leave things up to Fate. So he goes and learns he is just another part of a Con. There is no Frank Sawyer for him to kill–and James Sawyer is just another pawn.

On the Island: Charlie buries Ethan, and talks to Sayid who says he will carry this always. He rebonds with Claire who trusts him again. Sawyer won’t give back the gun–and instead chases around a Boar who has a vendetta, but also a message. Let it go. So he goes to give Jack the gun–who says that Fate is why the Red Sox will never win the pennant. Sawyer realizes that Christian is Jack’s dead father and walks away.

In Translation
Jin’s point of view—he marries Sun only to have to work for scary Mr. Paik who makes him deliver cryptic “messages”, and makes Jin come home covered in blood causing the marriage to unravel. He goes to his father who is not dead after all–and gets the advice of the lifetime: to take Sun to America and to disappear.

On the Island he’s protective, and aggressive in keeping Sun covered (she’s looking pretty in a blue bikini), and Michael interferes only to get slapped down……and then the raft which had been looking cool gets burned and everyone thinks its Jin who has done it. So while her husband is getting the crap kicked out of him she has to finally come clean–yes, she can speak English–and it looks like her husband wants nothing more than to get off the island and away from her. So he helps Michael to start building the new new raft. Also–Shannon and Sayid start k-i-s-s-i-n-g despite some brotherly/jealous interference by her stepbro Boone.

Hurley won the lottery playing creepy numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42. But bad things keep happening. Grandpa dies, brother gets a divorce, a man gets thrown off a building, house burns down. Freaks him out so he goes to his friend Lenny in an institution who gave him the numbers (apparently Hurley had been there at one point in time) who says he got them from Australia. Ends up this guy in Australia (got the numbers from a transmission while in the Navy) then used the numbers and bad things happened to him until he killed himself. As Lenny says–Hurley opened the box…and now has to go far far away.

Hurley sees the number on Rousseau’s paperwork and decides to go “find batteries”. Jack, Sayid and Charlie chase after him….and they almost get stabbed, fall off a bridge (Charlie almost dying take 3) and shot. Hurley finds Rousseau who says the numbers were on a transmission that brought her ship to the Island…but that slowly the rest of her team went insane and she went and changed the transmission to her rescue beacon and yes they must be cursed. Hurley gets batteries.

Also: Locke builds Claire a cradle (how sweet). Charlie tells Hurley about the heroin, and thinks Hurley is lying about the lottery. And those numbers? They’re on the hatch.

Deus Ex Machina
Locke had his liver stolen by his father (when he could still walk)–their newfound relationship was one big con.. On the island the hatch just won’t open, and he starts to lose feeling in his legs.

And then a vision comes upon him. A yellow plane crashes into the trees—Boone, his face covered with blood stands before him. They have to go find the plane which is filled with a dead priest and heroin filled Madonna’s. And the plane falls……and Boone with it. John Locke drops the broken body off to the doctor, and calls out to the island for a sign. And with the flick of a switch, the island gives him one. A light through the window into the darkness.

Do No Harm
Jack tries everything to save Boone. And I mean Everything. But he just can’t let go.

In the past he saves a woman’s life, then marries her. Good ol’ Dad shows up and offers his own advice—and Jack tells Sarah that he didn’t save her, she saved him. ….and so he let’s Boone go instead of cutting off his leg.

Meanwhile, Claire goes into labor. Kate delivers a cute little boy. Who everyone is staring at when Shannon and Sayid come back from their night out—poor Shannon. Jack on the other hand wants Locke’s head on a stick. Boone was murdered (and what’s that about a Hatch?)

The Greater Good
Locke comes back, Jack tries to beat him up. Shannon asks Sayid to destroy Locke since she thinks he’s lying about Boone’s death. Sayid flashback–he’s being used by some governmental entity to infiltrate and weed out terrorists. He happens to know one and convinces him to go through with the bombing so that they can find out where the bomb materials are being held. His friend kills himself rather than go through with it. Sayid’s reward? Nadia’s location–but he decides to delay his flight from Australia (did I mention that’s where he was at?) to give his friend a proper service.  Ouch. Bad Choice.

On island proper? Sayid can’t kill Locke, instead finds out about the hatch and the heroin and loses Shannon. There is also an adorable subplot where the only one able to get Baby Turnip Head (aka Aaron though he has yet to be named) to stop crying is Sawyer.

Born to Run
Kate. Kate. Kate. Still on the lam learns her mom is dying of cancer. Goes to see her using an old friend/former childhood sweetheart as help.  They unearth a time capsule where the toy plane was and then go to see her mom who promptly freaks out and blows Kate’s cover. Friend tries to help–and stupidly gets in the car where he gets shot by the po-lice, and dies.

The raft has to leave….right now. (Courtesy of Doc. Arzt a new character who is a high school science teacher). Kate want’s on. Sun doesn’t want Jin to go. Michael get’s a stomach ache and thinks Sawyer poisoned himm–who then decides that Kate is the one who did it and basically outs her secret. In the end it ends up that Sun did it on Kate’s suggestion. Jack want’s to open the hatch.

And psychic Walt? He touches Locke and freaks out–Do NOT open that thing. Then he tells pops that they need to be on the raft.

Exodus, Part 1
Rousseau: The Others Are Coming. Jack. Kate. Hurley. Locke. Rosseau & Doc. Arzt go on a hunt for dynamite from the Black Rock….which happens to be a decript falling apart 18th centurish ship. (They want the dynamite to blow open the hatch)

Michael. Jin. Walt. Sawyer–leave on the raft…finally.

Shannon get’s Vincent. Sawyer finally tells Jack what his father said to Sawyer in the bar. Jin & Sun make up.

Flashbacks: The moment before embarking the plane. Jack meets a chick at a bar (Anna Lucia), Shannon is a jerk and calls the cops on Sayid (the Arab), Sawyer is deported, Kate tries to beat up the Marshall (who explains the that after the death of her friend, she started calling him–so he decided to torment her by putting the plane in that safe deposit box). Sun listens in on some obnoxious American couple who only see what they want to see and can’t see anything beyond the Asian sterotype. Walt & Michael get in a fight in the hotel room. Look how far they’ve come.

And black smoke is curling up in a tower above the camp. The others are coming! The others are coming!

Exodus, Part 2
These are getting long. Must. Edit!

Arzt get’s blown up. Rousseau kidnaps turnip head–er Aaron to exchange for Alex, but gives him back. Sayid and Charlie go after her (at which Sayid fixes a wound using gunpowder and a flame. Gross), and the doorway to temptation is opened as Charlie is presented with the plane full of Heroin–and takes one of the Mother Mary’s back to the caves. (Let’s all repeat: “They said they were coming for the boy. They said they were coming for the boy.” )

Kate, Jack, Locke & Hurley are walking back with the dynamite and Smokey (aka the security system) attacks them–tries to pull Locke down a hole but they stop it (of course Smokey didn’t really want to kill Locke..it was just testing him). Hurley tries to stop them from blowing the hatch once he sees the NUMBERS.

Those on the raft are bonding–Sawyer saves the rudder (and takes off his shirt). Voila! Contact on the Radio! They blow the flare, the boat comes with men in funky beards and ugly hats take the boy. Bye Bye Raft #2!! WAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTTTTT!

At the Airport: Sayid is cleared, it ends up that Mr. Paik knew that Jin wanted to run away in LA and sends an operative to tell him so in the bathroom. Charlie fights with a girl to get his last score of heroin before going for his flight, Michael never really was going to keep Walt wanted his mom to raise him, and Hurley almost misses the flight (Gate 23!). Locke had to be carried onto the flight. It ends with those final moments before take off–Boone with Shannon’s inhaler, Sayid stinging against the stereotypes, Michael pretending to be a Dad…..Strangers no more.

Then we’re at the hatch. It’s open….and its a long way down.

Some Prescient Quotations:

  • “I think that is why we will never see eye to eye. You,You are a man of science, and I am a man of faith.” Locke
  • “I don’t believe in Destiny” — Jack, “Yes you do, you just don’t know it yet.”–Locke
  • “We survive this, We survive tonight? We’re going to have a Locke Problem.” Jack to Kate

Season 2:

Man of Science, Man of Faith
Hello Hatch.Hello Desmond. There’s a strange magnetic source here, and apparently this guy has been living down here and pushing some button every so often.Hurley flipped out cause the numbers are on the Hatch, as he explains it to Jack. Shannon is running around looking for Vincent and apparently sees Walt, dripping wet in the woods. First Kate goes down the hole, disappears. Then Locke goes down the hole, disappears. So finally Jack after being a jerk about it goes down only to find himself in a computer room where some guy is holding a gun on Locke.

Flashback: We meet Sarah, Jack’s soon to be wife who he miraculously saves from being paralyzed. Yeah Him! While he’s freaking out about the surgery he goes for a run in a stadium where he meets a Scot who gives him water and says “”Good luck, brothah. See you in another life, yeah”. That’s right…its the guy in the Hatch. Desmond baby.

Michael is still yelling for Walt, then Sawyer has to save him and there is some bonding. They end up on the beach where Jin comes running out screaming about the Others! Sure enough there they are, armed to the teeth. We go through the whole thing with the hatch again, but this time from Kate’s point of view—Desmond is waiting for his replacement and of course Locke says sure, why the heck not, but Desmond sees right through him—and now we’re back to when Jack shows up and they recognize each other.

Flashback: Michael and Walt’s sad story where Michael gives up all parental rights to Cam/Susan and gives his son a polar bear.

Oh-and Michael shoots at a shark that has the Dharma symbol all over it.

Flashbacks: Locke is stalking his father who stole his kidney, but he’s also met a nice lady named Helen….looks like its love for Locke. Meanwhile in the Hatch, standoff blah blah blah, the gun goes off but hits the computer. Desmond runs around trying to fix it and tells them about how this guy named Kelvin was doing this with him, but one day disappeared or whatever. Kate runs off to get Sayid….and then they watch the film.

Orientation, Station 3 the Swan: Marvin Kandel tells us all about the Dharma Initiative, created in 1970 (if you want to know more read the recap here)….at this point Dr. Kandel says “Not long after the experiments began, however, there was…an incident.” Ooooh an Incident! They were studying electromagnetic fluctuations and something happened and now they have to take turns pushing in Hurley’s numbers and letting the timer reset itself every 108 minutes. At this point Desmond gets out of there, Jack runs after him and he finally recognizes Jack. Jack tells him he married Sarah, but isn’t married to her anymore, and that’s the last we see of Desmond for a while (tear, sniff, sniff). He goes back just in time to watch Hurley freak out over the number and be the first one to hit Execute.

As for the rafties? The “others” throw them into a pit, and try to trick them by sending in Ana Lucia. Ends up that these “others” are really other passengers from Flight 815….the “talies”

Everybody Hates Hugo
Really nothing happens in this episode. Hugo is put in charge of the food, while Locke has to coerce everyone else to take part in the button pushing. Hurley is afraid that as the keeper of the awesome food (including Apollo bars) people will see him as a “master” and come to hate him….just like when he won the lottery money. We find out that the others that have Jin, Michael and Sawyer captive are the “tailies”, or from the back part of the plane, whose numbers are not the 23 they started with. Also we see Bernard for the first time (hooray for Rose! he’s alive). In the end Hurley decides not to blow up the food, but instead of rationing it give it away.

And Found
The Tailies + Sawyer head back to the rest of the LOST gang, while Mr. Eko and Jin begin to track Michael who has decided to run off after the others and Walt. At one point Jin sees children walking through the woods and a dead man named Goodwin who is “an other”. Something has clearly caused the Talies numbers to dwindle, and those left: Bernard, Cindy the stewardess, Anna Lucia and Libby are scared. Meanwhile Sun loses her wedding ring and we learn that Jin was the son of a fisherman and met Sun after quitting his job at a posh hotel (where Sun happened to be meeting prospective husbands). They find it with the bottle of notes from the raft that washed on shore.

Otherwise known as the Episode where Shannon gets shot (and we get to see Boone again). The Tailies are walking through the jungle trying to get back but Sawyer isn’t doing so well–gunshot remember? They are rejoined by Mr. Eko, Jin, and Michael who help haul a now unconscious Sawyer through the jungle where Cindy disappears and the whispers begin. Shannon’s story: Her father is killed in that same accident that Jack meets his wife. Shannon’s stepmother gets all the money and although Shannon wants to go to NYC to train at a dance studio she can’t support herself. When Boone tries to give her money, Shannon realizes that no one thinks she can take care of herself and refuses him. After a lovely evening with Sayid, She sees Walt, and when Sayid says he doesn’t believe her goes traipsing through the woods to find Walt so he won’t be alone (Walt,incidentally looks soaked and very very creepy). Sayid eventually believes her and confesses that he loves her, and that she is not worthless, and then watches as Ana Lucia shoots her in the gut.

Also: Claire feels like everyone knows more about taking care of Aaron than she does, tells Locke that Charlie carries around a Virgin Mary statue….so of course that means heroin.

The Other 48 Days
Rewind back to the Talies last 48 days. Plane Crash: Like the others there are acts of heroism (Mr. Eko saving people), Anna Lucia saving Bernard from a Tree. Almost immediately they are attacked by the Others, first three, than six, and the children are taken. They don’t have a doctor to help prevent infection for the injured, so passengers die. One of the others has a list with the names of nine of the Talies on it. Ana Lucia tries to be the Leader, and thinking that “Nathan” is one of the others sticks him in a pit. The infiltrator ends up to be Goodwin who kills Nathan to trick them. Like our main LOST group they find a door, which opens easily into a bunker…with a trunk that has a glass eye, a bible and a radio (which of course needs higher ground). Ana points out that the knife is a 20 year old US Army knife, and then basically let’s Goodwin know she is on to him–she’s known for a while that he is the infiltrator. He tells her that “Nathan was not a good person. That is why he was not on the list”. Goodwin dies. On Day 41 they catch the other survivors transmission, and days later Jin shows up…and to an intense drumming we’re right back to where we started, with Cindy taken, Shannon dead and Ana Lucia holding the gun.

Ana Lucia flashback. Something traumatic had happened, and she was shot 4 times in the stomach. Ana Lucia is Officer Ana Lucia Cortez. Her mother is her boss. On the island she get’s Sayid tied up so he won’t kill her for killing Shannon. Mr. Eko takes Sawyer to the doctor and Jack watches Kate “nurse” Sawyer. Meanile Ana Lucia tells first Michael then Libby, Jin, and Bernard to go. Jack insists on going back to confront the murderer, but realizes that its Ana Lucia, the woman he met at the Airport Bar before his flight. Ana Lucia and Sayid have a talk….about death and murder and their guilt. In her flashback she does not identify her shooter (a bugler), instead she lets him go and then shoots him dead. He shot her when she was pregnant.

She let’s Sayid go and he refuses to take revenge.

Mr. Eko: “Anything I say will only make you angry.”
Sayid: “What good will it be to kill you. We’re both already dead.”

Also John Locke meet your alter ego Mr. Eko.

What Kate Did
Kate sees a horse in the woods, freaks out. Then Sawyer tries to strangle her, asking why she killed him. It ends up her original crime was killing her father (who she thought was her stepfather but ends up being her real dad) who beat her mother. She is almost caught by the Marshall from the plane and ends up going to see the the guy she thought was her dad, at a military recruitment center. He says he tried to take her with him but her mother wouldn’t have any of it. On the Island she’s freaking out and for some reason decides to expel that energy by kissing Jack when he comes to make sure she’s alright. (Poor guy, he starts out the episode listening to Sawyer mumble incoherently about his love for Kate). She goes back to the hatch and pretty much says she has feelings for Sawyer. He hears her, they go outside and both see the horse again.

Meanwhile, Locke shows Michael the Orientation Film. Michael doesn’t buy it. Mr. Eko tells Locke the story of the old testament, saying that he and the Talies found a book as well, a bible–inside which is a section of the orientation film that had been cut away. What did it say? That to try and use the computer for something other than punching in the numbers was bad, that if you talk to the outside world you will probably cause another “incident.” Of course right at that moment, Michael starts talking to someone through the computer, someone who we think is Walt.

The 23rd Psalm
Mr. Eko finds out about the Virgin Mary statues and after outing Charlie to Claire makes him take him to the plane. While Charlie is up in the tree trying to get his bearings the smoke monster comes out of nowhere and Mr. Eko STARES IT DOWN. In the Eko Flashback we learn that he was a drug runner in Nigeria and asked his brother Remy who is a priest to make him a priest. Remy somehow ends up on that plane (where Boone was killed) and Eko survives to live another day. Everyone is glad Sawyer is alive, and Michael continues to talk to Walt on the computer. Kate cuts Sawyer’s hair, Claire kicks Charlie out and doesn’t want him near her cause he lied. Ana Lucia makes some friends, Hurley helps Libby (who was a psychiatrist) build her house. Mr. Eko admits he’s a priest and he and Charlie say the 23rd Psalm as the plane burns. Then we see Charlie put a Virgin Mary Statue with Heroin into a hole where he has stored a bunch of other Virgin Mary statues.

“What if I didn’t climb that tree…are you going to beat me with your Jesus stick?” Charlie to Mr. Eko

The Hunting Party
Michael goes after Walt AGAIN. Jack, Sawyer and Locke (Mr. Clean) goes after him, with Kate following behind. Sayid broods, and Jin and Sun have a little tension when she tells Jin he can’t go with the search party. Sawyer’s real name is James Ford, Hurley likes Libby, Charlie broods. The hunting party gets captured, and there a lot of the Others who tell the 815 folks stay in their place–oh and he has Kate hostage which makes the boys give up their weapons.

In the flashback Jack decides to perform a really hard surgery, and is unsuccessful. The man’s daughter kisses Jack but he goes home before it goes farther, tells his wife (Sarah) who chooses that moment to tell Jack that hey, I’m leaving you for another man. That he will “always need something to fix.”Sucks. Back on the Island Jack ignores Kate and asks Ana Lucia to help him train an army.

Fire Plus Water
Charlie, tries to make amends with Claire but keeps having horrible dreams that include Aaron being in terrible danger. He sleepwalks twice and takes the baby away, the third time he starts a fire as a distraction. Locke and Claire catch up with him and they take Aaron away, and then Charlie gets punched by Locke a few times. Locke, who found Charlie’s stash takes the rest of the Virgin Mary’s and locks them up in the hatch.

Jack helps Ana Lucia build her fort, and she asks if anything is going on with him and Kate. Hurly bonds with Libby, though he’s sure he’s seen her before.

Charlie flashback–the fall of Driveshaft. His brother Liam is using, and is about to lose his wife and baby–so he sells the piano to get them to Australia and to rehab. Leaving Charlie bereft and alone. Just like he is now on the Island. Also, considering what happens later I guess it is a good thing that Claire got herself and Baby Aaron baptized.

The Long Con
Some long convoluted plot for Sawyer to become the jerk again as he manipulates everyone and his mother to gain some power with the castaways. Anyway, ends with Sawyer in control of the guns. Part of this episode is about how little everyone trusts each other.

The flashback story is basically Sawyer being a con man–making people do things by making them think its their idea. Despite that he seems to care for the woman (Cassidy) he is conning, just a little bit. (He tells her he is conning her, and then keeps the six million).

One of Them
The episode in which we first meet Benjamin Linus. Of course we know him as Henry Gale who is a rich man on a hot air balloon that crashed on the island, and who’s got him? Rousseau! That’s right, so Sayid gets to torture him in the now empty locked room while Jack tries to get in to stop him (Locke is playing bouncer on this party). Sayid thinks the balloon man is an Other (We know he is now!), and Jack is able to get through by making Locke go all panicky about the countdown running out (and this is where we first get the Egypt connection what with black and red hieroglyphics).

The other plot line? Sayid’s backstory about his first torture session, and Sawyer is trying to kill a frog.

Maternity Leave
Um. This episode creeped me out. Maybe its the odd music with the flashbacks. Anyway. Aaron is sick and Claire is convinced that its more than an everyday baby stuff. Rousseau comes and triggers her memories of when Claire was kidnapped. Ethan is a doctor and injects her with something, then makes her think he is the adoptive father and that Claire is going to leave the baby with him. While there she overhears Mr. Friendly/Zeke talk about how someone is going to be mad that Ethan didn’t just bring back the people on the list. Claire leads Rousseau and Kate to a medical hatch (once again with annoying creepy flashing lights). Apparently a teenage girl helped her escape, which we know now is Rousseau’s daughter Alex. We’re reminded that Rousseau’s team came down with something and had to be killed after being “infected”. While in the hatch they find the baby’s room, and Kate finds a locker with what looks like costumes and theatrical glue. They look an awfully lot like the pirate ship clothes the others were wearing when they took Walt and held Kate captive. Claire remembers that Rousseau was saving her. Once again there is that obsession of people who are good and people who are not good.

At the Hatch–Mr. Eko has discovered Henry Gale. He confesses his sins of killing the other two Others, and as another act of fulfilled penance cuts off his beard. Henry Gale then proceeds to manipulate Locke. “Are you the genius or the one always standing in the shadow of genius….why do you let the doctor call the shots?” Boom.

The Whole Truth
Sun thinks she’s preggers, which is supposed to be impossible since she and Jin can’t have kids. First the doctor says its Sun who can’t have kids, but then she finds out he’s afraid of Jin hurting him so he lied. It’s Jin who can’t have kids. Then there is the fact that Sun is learning English from the Harvard guy who she was set up with in an earlier episode, so this kid might not actually be Jin’s anyway despite the incredibly healing Island. Pregnancy Test is from Widmore Labs. Huh. Is that the first time we saw the name Widmore? Jack thinks Sun should tell Jin the Whole Truth. Which she does, and swears she has not been sleeping with anyone but Jin.

It’s Ana’s turn with Henry and she get’s Henry to draw her a map and takes it to Sayid because “Jack and Locke are too busy thinking about Jack and Locke.” So she, Sayid and Charlie go to find the Hot Air Balloon to find out if Henry is telling the truth. Sayid basically tells Ana that Shannon’s death was the others fault and so if Henry is “one of them” he better watch out.

Henry and Jack have a talk–“What’s the difference between a martyr and a prophet?” He also lets it slip that he drew a map. Mistrust mistrust mistrust. Also Ben Linus is the only one to say “do you guys have any milk” and make it sound like a threat. Boom.

Flashback: Locke’s dad Anthony Cooper dies, but not really, just faking. Locke was about to propose to Helen but when Locke helps his dad get money he conned from people Helen leaves him.

On the island: Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie find the balloon–so Henry’s not an other? Nope, there’s a grave but not with Gale’s wife, but a man…named Henry Gale. (somewhere over the Rainbow starts now).

At the Hatch: Some mysterious transmission causes the Hatch to lockdown, trapping Lock’s legs under the steel door. There’s some darkness and they all of a sudden see a map of the island under the blacklight. Let’s all try to freeze frame now to see what it looks like….in all this mess though, Gale gains Locke’s trust–of course this will all change when Sayid gets back. Also, Kate and Jack find some more food, and Jack steps up and takes back the medical supplies from Sawyer.

Hurley flashback. He’s getting close to Libby but is all of a sudden seeing this guy Dave all over the place. Ends up Dave was Hurley’s invisible friend, a manifestation of guilt he has of two people dying when he walked onto a deck that collapsed. Dave says the island is allll in his mind, but Libby stops

Hurley from trying to break the Illusion and kisses him. Oh, and Libby? She was in the asylum to. Great, the psychologist is also insane. Awesome. Also Everyman for himself in terms of the big food drop.

Also Sayid is back and is threatening to kill man who is not Henry (when can I call him Ben?) Ben claims that the countdown is a sham, that if they don’t put in the numbers nothing bad will happen.

Ah Rose and Bernard, recently married, but Rose has cancer. They go to Australia to see a healer, who says they have to find the right place. Bernard decides to try and get themselves off the island by building a giant SOS sign. Rose finally tells him that she thinks the Island healed her cancer, because it healed Locke of being in a wheelchair (she saw him at the airport). So she’s not leaving the Island if it means she’s going to die.

Jack and Kate decide that they want to switch Henry for Walt. They land a trap which in TV show terms is meant to increase the tension between them. Don’t find the others, but they do find Michael. Also Locke is trying to recreate the map, and doesn’t really care about the countdown. Ben/Henry is being just as creepy as ever refusing food or water, and saying that “they” won’t ever give Walt back.

Two for the Road
Michael returns and claims that the Others live like savages. Then Ana Lucia goes to talk to Benry and essentially almost get’s strangled. When Jack & Kate come back Locke covers for her. Jack gets riled up by Michael’s description of the Others and how easy it will be to take them that he, Kate and Locke decide to go attack NOW. Ana Lucia sleeps with Sawyer to steal his gun, which he figures out right when Jack holds a gun to his head to get…that’s right…more guns. (A winning tactic if I ever saw one). Then..Ana Lucia can’t go through with it and is sitting on the couch playing with the gun as Michael comes up to ask her what’s wrong. Also–ben plays more mind games, about how creepy his leader is and how he has come for Locke because Locke is “good.”

Flashback: Ana Lucia, is kicked off the force by her mother for killing the guy who shot her. She decides to go to Australia where she meets Jacks dad at the airport bar. They decide to wander around town drinking together–and at one point she drives Daddy Shepard to some woman’s house (who looks like Claire’s mum) and begs to see his daughter. Oh…I guess that means that Jack’s an Uncle! Ana Lucia fed up drops Daddy Shepard at the bar where he eventually meets Sawyer (who we see!) and then dies. She does, however get to make amends with her mummy.

Back to the Island. Ana Lucia gives Michael the gun after telling him about Benry. Michael then proceeds to A. Shoot ana Lucia, then B. Shoot Libby who had come to get some blankets for a romantic picnic with Hurley and then shoot himself–after unlocking the door for Benry to escape. Boom.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer & Locke get back to the hatch and think that Michael, Libby and Ana Lucia have been shot by Benry. Mr. Eko is having crazy dreams of his brother telling him to go to Locke, and that Locke has to lead him to the question mark. So he goes to the hatch and volunteers to go after Benry. Instead he tries to follow Locke’s hatch map and realizes due to a dream Lock has of Yemi that the plan is an arrow pointing to a hatch. They go down and realize they are in another Dharma station–the Pearl. There is a log to print out some blank books, and an orientation film. This is where people observe others in a psychological experiment. Eko thinks this makes Locke’s work at the Swan even more important, that they are being tested. Locke believes more and more that this is a cruel joke, that his “work” is worthless, that he is worthless, that everything is meaningless.

Eko’s flashback has to do with a girl who lives after drowning, a miracle. Her dad happens to be Claire’s psychic, who doesn’t think a miracle happened. The girl finds Eko at the airport and tells him that Yemi has faith in Eko, even when Eko does not have faith. So he tells Locke that this is why he thinks it is important, that he will push the button, if Locke won’t.

Meanwhile, Michael is freaking out because Libby is still alive. Jack sends Kate and Sawyer to get the heroin. Libby dies, but tries to tell them about Michael before she does–but they think she wants to make sure he’s OK. Saddest death so far.

Three Minutes
Flashback to Michael leaving to get Walt. The others do live in tents and huts etc (and I thought he was lying!). They ask him all sorts of questions about Walt and then only let him talk to Walt for 3 minutes. Walt says they are making him take tests, and that they aren’t who they say they are, that they are only pretending. That he loves his dad….

In Island time, Michael has a list and tries to put together a raiding party. He can only bring four people (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley). Which is strange because he can’t bring Sayid…the only man who has actually served in a WAR. He comes back and everyone else is happy to see him–of course until they see the bodies. Funerals are sad, poor Hurley. Boo. Anyway–Sayid figures it out…

Mr. Eko isn’t building the church anymore, which sucks for Charlie. He gives Claire vaccine to be on her good side. And he follows Vincent to the Heroin which he promptly destroys (and Locke witnesses). On a funny note Sawyer admits to JACK that he slept with Ana Lucia–and how that’s how he got the gun, and admits that Doctor Jack is the closest thing he has to a friend. At the end they see a sailing boat.

Live Together, Die Alone Part 1
“We are stuck in a bloody snowglobe!” Welcome back Desmond who has spent two weeks on the boat trying to leave and not being able to.

DESMOND FLASHBACK! Start of the awesomeness. We learn that he was dishonorably discharged from the Royal Scots, and that Our Mutual Friend is the last book he wants to read before he dies. We meet Charles Widmore for the first time (I think) and he has two boxes, one of which has all of Desmond’s letters to a woman named Penny (who is in the picture he gets) and a box full of money to leave her alone. She’s getting married. So refusing the money Desmond decides to win her back in a race around the world in sailboat….he meets Libby who gives him a boat. It actually looks like Desmond was in prison and we see him talking to Penny who he says he’ll be back in a year and that he has to get his honor back. Then he goes to run the stadium in LA which is where he first met

Jack. So he gets caught in a storm, washed up on the Island and get’s conned into thinking he’s in a hazmat situation and vaccinated and to push the button. We also hear about Razinsky for the first time (as the partner of the guy who cons Desmond)

Sayid has a plan to trick Michael. He is taking the sailboat and lighting a plume of black smoke–that is where the team will meat him. The gang heads out, while Locke goes a bit nuts and now without faith is trying to destroy the computer. Also Desmond calls “the others” the “hostiles”. They get well on their way and get shot at, which is when Jack says that Michael has already warned the others about them. Sawyer, Kate and Hurley threaten to leave but Jack says I HAVE A PLAN! Sayid, Sun and Jin are on a boat–they see the four toed statue and get in position.

Sayid: I don’t know what is more disquieting, that most of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes. (Hello Four Toed Statue!)
“Are You Him? What did One Snowman say to the other”
“Live Together, Die Alone.” Jack

Live Together, Die Alone Part 2
Oh Man. Eko + Charlie + Dynamite. Not good.
Desmond flashback: He watches Kelvin draw the invisible map. And we learn that Kelvin is part of Dharma and was following orders. It has been two years and that Radinsky shot himself dead. Desmond got discharged because he couldn’t follow orders. There’s a failsafe under the computer room, and Desmond learns that the incident was an electromagnetic issue. A year later he realizes that Kelvin has been lying to him and accidentally kills him when he leaves the hatch to follow him. He races back too late to put in the code for the button and can’t get it to work, all sorts of things are going crazy. So he goes underneath and turns the failsafe. He is contemplating killing himself and opens his book, inside which is a note form Penny saying that when he is desperate he just needs to remember that she loves him, that she’ll wait for him always. This happens to be the same moment when Locke is desperate after Boone’s death pounding on the Hatch looking for a sign. So John saved Desmond so that Desmond could save them all…

Back in the Hatch in present time–Locke gives Desmond the printout from the Pearl, and Desmond sees that its every Execute command and that he may have caused the plane crash when he had to turn the failsafe. Locke refusing to believe it breaks the computer, while Desmond is now desperate to punch in the numbers again. Desmond goes for his book for the failsafe key and its all system failure system failure see you in another life brother–He turns the key and its a white out, with the Quarantine door flying through the air to land on the beach.

Michael and company are walking they see hundreds of those pneumatic tube bottles from the Pearl Hatch Locke found with the notebooks filled with data from the psychological experiments. Sayid finds the hut and tent settlement abandoned, and lights the signal fire, but Jack realizes that Michael has been leading them away from the beach. It’s a trap and so they all get caught. It ends up the leader is Henry Gale (BEEEEEEEN) and he accepts Michael’s deal and puts him on a boat on compass bearing 3-2-5 for rescue. He also promises to not hurt Jack et al. Also–apparently they’re the Others? They’re the good guys. Hurley is sent back as the messenger to tell the others to back off.

Back on the beach everyone is putting things back together, Claire seems to be ok with Charlie now. However somewhere amidst a blizzard two guys are on a ship, and a computer detects a magnetic anomaly. They are Russian. One of them picks up the phone and calls Desmond’s Penny. “Ms. Whidmore, I think we’ve found it.”

Season 3:

A Tale of Two Cities
The episode in which we first meet Juliet. We see the moment from the Others POV from when Oceanic Flight 815 first lands on the Island. Juliet and Benry don’t get along, but he’s the one who sends Ethan and Goodwin out to find our castaways and make lists. Then we’re back to present day and we see Jack in an underground cage, Sawyer in an actual cage and Kate in a shower where she gets to wear a pretty dress and talk to Benry who says the next two weeks will be awful. Jack is pretty much stubborn, and Sawyer gets to pretend to be a bear (although he almost escapes, but not really since we know its a feint with Carl, Alex’s bf).

Flashback: Jack is a man obsessed and is playing stalker trying to figure out who his soon to be ex-wife’s new boyfriend is. He thinks its  his dad (its not) but he beats him up anyway at an AA meeting and gets sent to jail, and Sarah bails him out. Back on Island time, Juliet tells Jack they know EVERYTHING about him, and he takes that chance to ask the most important question of his life–is Sarah happy. Not, why am I in a cage or what do you want, but is Sarah happy. Go figure.

The Glass Ballerina
Sun flashback. She essentially breaks a glass ballerina when she was little and lies about it (basically actions and lies do have consequences), it ends up she was sleeping with Harvard, and then after being caught by her father tries to get Jin to run away with her. Daddy of Sun lies to Jin and tries to get him to kill Harvard but he can’t do it, so instead Harvard jumps out the window holding pearls in his hand. Something ain’t right here.

On the Island, Sun, Sayid and Jin realize that Jack et al aren’t coming back. They try and trap the others but the others end up stealing the boat instead. (Sun betrays  Jin and finds out he understands more English than she realizes)…but its along walk and everyone learns their lesson by the end. Also Sun kills an other.

Meanwhile the castaways in the cages–Sawyer and Kate are breaking rocks, Kate has this bizarre chat with Alex who is trying to find out about Carl, then Sawyer lets himself get tazered after kissing the heck out of Kate to figure out what kind of fight the guys holding them have in them. Jack is interrogated by Benry who, like a jackass tells him that this is what you missed on the other side: W got reelected, and oh–right, the Red Sox just won the world series. Poor Jack, but if you cooperate then you can go home! Hooray!

Further Instructions
Right. Locke flashback–living on a commune, but accidentally brings in a cop who is scoping out the place.

On the Island, Locke uses a sweat lodge to “Speak to the Island” aka getting high which for some reason Charlie sees as hypocritical. Also Locke can’t talk. Locke and Charlie go to save Eko from a Polar Bear that has taken him hostage…a polar bear on a tropical island. (Despite knowing what we know later this still is a bit ludicrous).

Hurley comes back with a naked Desmond who doesn’t know his up from down, or his past from his future (apparently Locke will go to rescue Jack, Sawyer and Kate). He fills everyone in on the craziness.

Oh–and stupid Nikki & Paolo are introduced. Whoop-di-do.

Every Man for Himself
Desmond can see the future, tries to warn Claire about her roof, then builds a lightening rod to save Claire instead. Sawyer tries to run away and fails and instead Ben puts an exploding pacemaker in him and says don’t get excited, or else. Also don’t tell Kate we did this or we’ll put one in you too. Also–Ben kills a rabbit with a Number 8 on him to show Sawyer what would happen. Jack can hear what they are doing to Sawyer through the intercom that someone has started. Also the woman Sun shot is rushed to the compound from the submarine and Juliet can’t save her so they get Jack to help but he can’t save her either. He does however see some X rays of someone with a spinal tumor, and he happens to be a spinal surgeon! OMG! The woman who dies, Colleen, her husband Danny decides to beat the crap out of Sawyer if only to get Kate to admit that she loves him, which she does, but claims later she didn’t mean. Kate then realizes she can escape, but decides not to. It ends up Benry did not kill the rabbit, did not put something to explode in Sawyer’s chest, and that there is no where to run–there are TWO islands. There is also loads of quoting of Of Mice and Men. Bad memories of dead bunnies.

Flashback: Sawyer is in jail, because Cassidy pressed charges. He is under some warden’s thumb, and then Cassidy comes in and says hey-o James Ford you have a daughter named Clementine. Write her a letter..he says no. Instead he gets a commission for snitching and gets out of prison. He puts that money in an account for his daughter.

Also Juliet is a fertility doctor.

The Cost of Living
Eko flashback–he isn’t a very good priest, and loses his brother’s church because he kills some people. Locke takes an entourage of people to the Pearl Station where they proceed to explain the LOST universe to Nikki and “I’m an Idiot” Paulo. They fix one of the screens and you see another room that has a man with an eye patch.

Mr. Eko refuse to acknowledge that he did bad things, that it started off by him him saving his brother’s life when he was young. Yemi turns into the smoke  monster and shakes him around like a rag doll. Mr. Eko dies, but not before telling Locke that the other islanders are next.

I Do
Kate is the luckiest girl in the world. Why? She was married to Nathan, Captain Mal/Castle Fillion–don’t worry it doesn’t last long since she drugs him once her US Marshall stalker finds her/she leads him to her. On the Island: Kate tries to get Jack to perform surgery to save Sawyer. Jack says no. Kate tries to get Sawyer to leave–breaking the lock on his cage. Sawyer says no–and then tells her that they are on another island. Some hooking up and I love you’s ensue. The others aren’t beyond emotional manipulation so they have Jack “accidentally” discover Kate and Sawyer post hooking up to make him change his mind. Jack purposly screws up the surgery to let Kate/Sawyer escape, but Colleen’s husband want’s to kill Sawyer instead….

Sayid, Locke, etc. bury Eko–and he looks at the stick he left behind and as John is thanking him for helping him find his way he sees a carving that says–“Lift up your Eyes and Look North. John 3:05″ (We also find out that Alex is Ben’s daughter and that Jack wasn’t even on Jacob’s list.”

Not in Portland
This is the story of a little lady named Juliet Burke, whose sister is dying of cancer. She also used to be married to Edmund Burke (ha!) and was doing some sort of illegal research on her sister. Then she goes to work for Mittelos Bioscience (and we first meet Richard Alpert) they showed her a image of a woman’s womb Juliet thinks its a 70 year old but its really 26 year old. Also this Juliet isn’t very strong, she’s weepy and beaten down. Not badass. But it ends up she gets her Cancer ridden sister pregnant, and then her husband gets hit by a bus. Richard and Ethan come to the morgue to offer her a job. Six months tops. She ends up Island where she has been held prisoner for 3 years.

Kate and Sawyer run, Juliet tells Jack that they aren’t on their Island anymore. He calls her out about her earlier request to let Ben die, which she denies. Juliet calls his bluff and says that Jack will never let someone just die. Ben wakes up and promises Juliet that he will let her go home if she finishes the surgery. Even doped up Ben is creepy. Alex saves Kate and Sawyer but makes them come with her to save Karl who is in some bizzaro trailer where all these crazy images are flashing by. They get to a boat and Juliet shoots the crap out of Danny, but makes Alex stay. Kate tells Jack that story from the pilot about him letting the fear in, and he makes her promise not to come back for him. Like that’s going to happen. Also apparently the others have not had contact with the outside world ever sense the sky went purple (which I assume is when the plane crashed).

We are the causes of our suffering. Everything Changes. God Loves you and so does Jacob. Think about your life. (Words in the Dharma psychedelic film).

Flashes Before Your Eyes
Desmond can see into the  Future. He saves Claire and then Charlie/Hurley try to get him drunk on a bottle of really rare scotch to find out what’s going on. Then we flashback to him turning the key. Except we aren’t flashing back, he’s actually reliving what happened. Like he went back in time. So in his “flashback” we learn that he asked Penny’s dad for permission to marry her and that the man (Charles Widmore) said even giving Desmond a glass of that rare scotch was a waste. He goes outside and sees Charlie. All along he’s having flashes of the Island and is slowly remembering what happened. They’ve been dating for 2 years and its pretty clear that Penny is going to stand by her man. He goes to a jewelry store and is about to buy the ring for Penny which is when the woman we come to know as Mrs. Hawking says no–he doesn’t buy the ring, he has second thoughts and then goes out and breaks her heart. She knows who Desmond is and says he has to do things the way they happened before. That he has to break Penny’s heart, enter the race, land on the island and punch in the numbers for three years–before he turns the failsafe key. If he doesn’t do it everyone is DEAD. FRREAKY! (Also freaky? Mrs. Hawking was one of the Others in that movie with Nicole Kidman, the Others.) She then makes the point that the Universe has a way of Course Correcting. That even if she knew someone was going to die, and she stopped it it would have happened eventually. That Desmond may not choose to go to the Island but that pushing the button is the greatest thing he’ll ever do. So he meets Penny and takes that picture he is always holding, he dumps her because he can’t take care of her. He goes back to a bar gets hit by a bat and the cycle goes around and around again.

Back on the Island he tells Charlie that when he turned the key his life flashed before his eyes, that the flashes never stopped. That all of those flashes with the lightening rod, Claire almost drowning were meant to save Charlie from dying. The Universe has a way of course correcting and that Desmond can’t stop it forever. Boom.

Stranger in a Strange Land
I don’t really feel like recapping this one. We learn how Jack gets his tattoo. Boring (though some may claim the presence of Bai Ling in this episode makes it somewhat entertaining.) Anyway–there is a Sheriff trying to figure out what happened between Juliet and Danny–but Jack basically saves her life by saying he will stick around and take care of Ben if they save her life.  On the boat, Karl/Carl is sad that he doesn’t have Alex. Sawyer is pissed b/c he is suddenly doubting that Kate actually likes him….Kate want’s to go back and save Jack. Sawyer says no.

Tricia Tanaka is Dead
Hurley finds a van full of beer, and tries to get it started again. Its an old school VW van with a dead body inside. A dead body (“Roger, Workman” and a gas mask. A dead body named Roger. So Jin, Charlie and Hurley get the van started again, and they find hope! Its exciting times on the Island.

Hurley flashback is basically about all his terrible bad luck. Meteors, fires, and death oh my! He goes to Australia to end it. Whoops.

Kate goes off to look for help to save Jack, even though he said he didn’t want help. Sayid and Locke go after her and want to know why she’s trying to do things herself. It ends up she was looking for Rousseau, because she is convinced that Alex is Rousseau’s missing daughter.

Enter 77
While Sayid, Kate, Locke and Rousseau are wandering in the woods they come across another Dharma station–the Flame. Inside is Mr. McPatchy who we later learn is also called Michael Burkinin (taking our philosopher names up to 752). The guy says he is the last of the Dharma Initiative–that they all died in the “purge” when they instigated a war with the Hostiles. Sayid knows he is lying, that this guy is actually a hostile as well. Locke finds another computer to play chess with. They knock Burkinin out and find a door in the floor where the second person at the station must be hiding. Going down there Sayid finds a Dharma Operational Manual–and Locke gets distracted by the computer and lets Burkinin get the drop on him. (Though before he does that he wins at Chess, and finds another Marvin Kandle video that tells him to enter numbers to access the satellite, sonar (both of which are not operational). The next key says that if the station has been taken over by hostiles he must Enter 77. Did i mention that all along the basement are C4 packages? In a stand off Burkinin shoots his partner (who happens to be one of the hostiles who took Kate, Sawyer, Jack hostage)–and then…they use him and an electrical map to find the Barracks–home base for the others. Locke hits Enter 77 and lets the place go up in flames.

Flashbacks: Sayid is taken hostage by a family in Paris who thinks he is the man who tortured this woman. Sayid says he is not. They guy says admit it or else you DIE. In the end all the woman wanted was some sort of acknowledgement of her suffering, and so Sayid gives it to her, in return the woman says she will tell her husband she got it wrong–that they are not torturers. She has this cat, which on the Island Sayid sees again. What’s up with these islanders and the animals?

Sawyer loses a mean game of ping-pong and is told not to call anyone by a nickname for a week.

Par Avion
Claire Flashback: She and her mother get in a car accident, her mom is on a ventilator, and it ends up that her dad is Dr. Shepard Senior. However, when he tells her this, Claire refuses to find out his name, and asks him to leave her alone.

On the Island: She sees birds and knows from nature shows she watched with her mom in the hospital that they are tagged. So she tries to catch one to send a message. Only problem, in trying to help her Desmond sees Charlie dying and so he sabotages her effort until she demands to know the truth. She tells Charlie she won’t give up on him.

Kate, Sayid, Rousseau and Burkinin are heading towards the Others camp. The find a sonic fence, and Locke in his brilliant wisdom pushes Burkinin into the fence where he dies. However, before he gets pushed in he mentions how Kate, Sayid and Locke were not on the list cause they are flawed, but he insinuates that he knows Locke from somewhere before, but stops talking midway through. They figure out a way through the gates, and get to camp just in time to see Jack playing football.

The Man from Tallahassee
Flashback: More of John Locke’s miserable relationship with Anthony Cooper, his kidney and it ends up, pushing sons out of a window and breaking their back father. Kate & Sayid get captured trying to see Jack, who is preparing to leave the island with Juliet. He says he’ll come back…..and makes a deal with Ben to let them go after he’s off the island. John Locke holds Ben hostage who figures out what Locke is going to do. Once again Ben is creepy when he recites Locke’s life history. Locke goes on a diatribe about how the others don’t really know the Island. Oh–and Locke blows up the submarine, which sucks for Jack & Juliet. Also Ben has lots of questions about how fast the island healed John…and Sayid spills the beans about Alex’s mother to Alex. Uh oh! It ends up that Ben got what he wanted–he didn’t want Jack to leave, and Locke made it so. So, because John is special, Ben and the never aging Richard Alpert shows him his father Anthony “in the magic box”.


Ben in response to a question about electricity: “We have two giant hamsters running around on a wheel in our secret underground lair.”
Ben: “I’ve been here my entire life why do you think you know more about this island than I do?”
Locke: “Because you’re in the Wheelchair, and I’m not.”

Not worth describing. Nikki and Paolo lame back story, they die after being buried alive with a bunch of diamonds to keep them company. Done.

Left Behind
The others decide to jump ship taking Locke with them, willingly. They gas Juliet, Kate, Jack and Sayid and leave. Juliet and Kate wake up handcuffed to each other, have the requisite girl fight where Kate wins physically, and then Juliet pulls out the whole–you broke Jack’s heart when he saw you with Sawyer bit–basically pulling the win right out from under Kate. Anyway–it ends up Juliet has the code for the sonic fence, and says for some reason the fence keeps Smokey out (we see this in action). They get back to what was Others HQ, pick up Jack and Sayid and Jack’s all like–Juliet is coming with us.

Back at the Island Hurley tricks Sawyer into being nice because he is all they have left in terms of a leader. So he’s all nice to everyone, except Sun who I think is remembering who the jerk was that kidnapped her earlier in the season.

Flashback: Kate wants to go back and ask her mother why she gave Kate up. Mom says its because I loved Wayne and you killed him, no matter how much of a jerk he was. Oh–and Kate gets help from Cassidy (Saywer’s love) who has found out she’s preggers. Kate is also the one who tells Cassidy to call the cops on Sawyer (even though she doesn’t know who she is.)

One of Us
The gang takes Juliet back to the beach where there are reunions all around. Claire though is violently ill and Juliet admits that she was the one who caused Claire’s symptoms.

Flashback: Apparently all the pregnant women on the island die. Juliet was brought here to save them, but realizes she can’t. Ben gets her to stay past her six months by saying he can cure her sister’s cancer, which Juliet belies since no one on the Island has cancer. Until, of course she realizes Ben has a tumor 3 years later. She calls him on it and kicks him out of the book club and we’re back to when Oceanic Flight 815 crashes. Ben goes to the communications center where McPatchy feeds in a video Richard Alpert is taking of Juliet’s sister Rachel and her son, Julian.

Back on the Island Juliet admits that Claire was supposed to be their control case. She goes back to Season one explaining all the stuff Ethan was doing was for her–to keep Claire alive, but that the castaways finding out that Ethan was not on the plane screwed it all up causing Ethan to act of his own volition. Anyway she runs off, saves Claire and gets accepted tentatively into the clan. Jack trusts her because he saw how much she wanted off the island. Except that he doesn’t realize that includes collaborating with Ben. She and Ben planned to let her infiltrate the group, and that the others activated something in Claire to make her symptomatic. So Juliet is a double-agent and not really “one of us”, despite being pretty much the shit and facing Sayid and Sawyer when they try to get some information out of her.

Jack/Juliet/Sawyer/Kate engage in the the activities of what some have dubbed the Love Square. Desmond recruits, Charlie, Jinn and Hurley to go on a picnic with him so that he can fulfill a vision where he thinks Penny has found him. First Hurley takes him to that rope, then Jinn tells really funny Korean ghost stories when they see a helicopter crash and someone jump out. Desmond stops himself from letting Charlie die in one of Rousseau’s traps, and when they get the parachuter down,its not Penny (though she has that picture of Desmond and Penny in a book of Catch-22, and knows his name).

Flashback: Desmond apparently left a girl he was seeing for six years the night before their wedding and joined a monastery. He goes to explain, her brother follows him back and punches him in the face. Desmond gets drunk and fired from being a Monk. However when he goes in to say goodbye to the head guy, there is a picture on his desk that has the infamous Mrs. Hawking. Desmond goes to help cart out 10 cases of the very expensive wine made at the Abby and the woman at the SUV is Penny. This is there first meeting.

Sun and Juliet go to the medical hatch to find out when Sun’s Date of Conception was (D.O.C.). It ends up to be Jin’s which is good because it isn’t Harvard’s but bad because no woman who has conceived on the island survives past the second trimester.

The group with the parachutist use Michael Burkinin who is still alive despite being killed by Locke after being thrown on a sonic fence to save her life. When she finally wakes up she tells Hurley that he can’t be with 815 because THEY FOUND THE PLANE..and everyone was DEAD.

Flashback: Jin’s mother who is a prostitute basically bribes Sun so that it is kept a secret. Jin thinks she is dead. Sun borrows money from her father who basically says now Jin is mine to control. Jin finds the money and tells her to take it back (thinking its for furniture etc). Instead sun gives it to her mother-in-law and then threatens to kill her if she comes back.

The Brig
Charlie, Desmond, Hurley, Jin don’t trust Jack so they tell Sayid about Naomi (the parachutist) and the sat phone she has. Kate comes upon them and promptly tells Jack who apparently has some secret plan with Juliet.

Locke has to kill his father to be fully initiated into the others, but he can’t do it. Ben says that Locke’s presence has helped him heal faster. Richard Alpert (who says that Ben does not really want Locke to succeed because Locke is “special” cause his legs healed on the island) gives him a file that tells him Sawyer will. Cooper says that he got into a car crash and woke up on the Island, so that they must be in hell. Locke gets Sawyer to kill Anthony Cooper aka the original Sawyer who destroyed our Sawyer’s family, but after Cooper mocks young James Ford’s letter and his life’s goal. Also Locke tells Sawyer that Juliet is a mole and that a raid is coming in 3 days. Locke is on his own journey now…..

The Man Behind the Curtain
Right off the bat we learn that Ben is a liar. He was not born on the island–he was born in the woods outside Portland. His father and he end up at the Dharma Initiative where they are combating the “natives” aka the hostiles. Young Ben keeps seeing his dead mother, and his father “Roger Workman” keeps getting drunker and drunker. He runs into the woods and sees Richard (who doesn’t age) who tells him to be patient and sure enough, the day comes where Ben now older commits essentially Dharma genocide, killing his father, and then letting the hostiles kill everyone else. (FYI: The man who got them to Dharma was named Horace Goodspeed, he comes in later).

Locke comes back with his dad’s body and Ben tells him that he is not the leader, Jacob is. Everyone is shocked that Ben is going to take Locke to see him..and Ben gets all intense. They go into the woods over an ash line. Into a cabin where Ben talks to an empty chair, until Locke turns on his flashlight and the cabin goes nuts. You hear an eerie voice calling out “Help Me”. Then as Ben is explaining about how he lied about his history, he shoots Locke sending him into the pit where are all the bodies of the Dharma Initiative are.

Back at Castaway Central–both secrets are out. It ends up Juliet told Jack what Ben was making her do. Jack, of course, has a plan.

Ben: Jacob is not a man you see. He is a man who summons you.

Greatest Hits
Jack’s plan to destroy the others involve blowing up tents when they come to take the pregnant women. Except Carl comes when Alex warns him that the Others are coming earlier than expected. So they pick three shooters (Bernard, Sayid and Jin) to shoot the explosives from the tree line.

Jack et al are going to Danielle’s transmission station to stop her transmission while Charlie and Desmond are going to the Looking Glass Hatch to shut down the jamming signal. Desmond’s flashes say that Charlie will die, but Claire and baby will go up into the helicopter and be saved.

Flashbacks: Charlie’s Greatest Hits: 5. Hearing his song on the radio. 4. Dad teaching him how to swim. 3. Liam (his bro) giving him the DS ring he wears for Christmas. 2. A woman (who I believe is Sayid’s Nadia) calling him a hero after he saves her from a knife wielding mugger. 1. The night he meets Claire.

He tells Desmond to give the list to Claire after he’s dead, and Desmond says maybe I have it wrong, I’ll do this instead. So Charlie knocks him out and does it instead. He gets into the Hatch only to be held at gunpoint by two women.

“You Know, Memories are All I’ve Got.”

Through the Looking Glass, Part 1
I am really doing terrible at the one paragraph summaries aren’t I? Finales are also so full of information. Let’s see how I do now.
Jack and most of the castaways head on out toward the transmission tower. On the way Sawyer, probably feeling guilty about murdering someone, decides to turn around to help the shooters, and tells Kate he doesn’t want her there. After Juliet kisses Jack, she and Sawyer head back (but not until they are mean to Hurley). Jack defends Sawyer to Kate saying he was only doing it to protect her just like when he told Kate not to come back for him, she asks why–he says “because I love you.” Aww shucks.

Meanwhile Charlie is part of his own drama as the two women tattle on him to Ben (and let him know that Juliet is double crossing him), and Ben sends Michael Burkinin to deal with both the women and Charlie Pace. Desmond meanwhile is hiding in the closet.

On the Beach, Jin fouls up his shot, and they all end up being captured. Bernard spills the beans about everything–and so Ben knows that his daughter betrayed him–and takes her to her new “family.” She asks why he can’t let them go, Ben says “Because I can’t.” His response to why he put Carl in a cage and in a brainwashing room “because I didn’t want him to get you pregnant. I may have overreacted”. Clearly. Jack et, al come across Ben and Alex and there is a standoff. Did I mention that Richard is trying to make Ben understand that his position within the others is tenuous?

As for Locke–he wakes up, tries to kill himself but alas an older ghost Walt is standing above him telling him there is work to do.

Flashback: Jack is a mess, not on booze but pills and looks like the Una bomber. He sees that someone is dead tries to kill himself but ends up causing an accident instead that he has to rescue people from. He goes to a funeral home (we see from screen shots of the paper that the man who is dead is one Jeremy Bentham) where he identifies himself as neither Friend nor Foe.

Rose: “If you say live together die alone to me Jack I am going to punch you in the face.”

Through the Looking Glass, Part 2
Jack and Company: Ben tells Jack that if he doesn’t give him Naomi’s phone he’ll kill Sayid, Jin and Bernard. Jack calls his bluff and Tom shoots all three of them. Except he doesn’t because despite everyone being mean to Hurley he’s the one who saves the day driving the VW into the beach providing a distraction for Sawyer and Juliet (and Sayid who kills one of them with his  tied up legs). Then Sawyer kills Tom/Zeke/Mr. Friendly for “taking the kid off the boat.” Charlie and Desmond get the drop on McPatchy when he shoots the other others. Bonnie tells Charlie the code for the jamming is “good vibrations” he turns off the Jamming and gets a transmission from Penny who says she isn’t with the Freighter. Michael is suddenly outside with a grenade, and Charlie saves Desmond by closing the door and telling him that it is “not Penny’s boat” before he dies. (SOB).

Meanwhile, Jack beats up Ben, Rousseau reunites with her daughter, and with the jamming gone they go to turn off Rousseau’s transmission. Right as the call goes through though (to Ben’s begging) Locke throws a knife into the mix by literally stabbing Naomi with his flying dagger. He won’t shoot Jack though and leaves. Jack puts in the call and some guy named Witkowski says he can get a fix on them.

Flashback….is really a Flash forward: All that stuff from the last episode was really a drugged up Jack after being rescued off the Island. He’s nuts, he calls Kate to meet him and tells her that they were never meant to leave the Island. She says she has to leave, that “he will wonder where I am,” and why would she go to “his” funeral. And the season ends with poor oxycontin addicted Jack yelling at her taillights, screaming “Kate We have to go back. We have to go back!”.

Season 4:

The Beginning of the End
A Schism is formed. Desmond returns and warns those on the beach that its “not penny’s boat” which eventually leads to half the castaway’s going with Locke (Claire, Hurley, Sawyer, Ben), and the others with Jack (Kate, Juliet, Sayid). As Jack and Kate reminisce into the cockpit about the time they went into it with Charlie a helicopter comes. They run toward the parachutist and whoa–its a scruffy white dude. Before the Schism, Hurley sees Jacob’s cabin with Jack’s dad in the rocker and some dude’s eye in the window.

Flash forward: Hurley is going crazy. He’s taken to Ana Lucia’s police station where he sees Charlie coming through the two way mirror. Then after a visit from a mysterious Mathew Abaddon he actually has a conversation with Dead Charlie who says they need his help, he has to go back. Which is exactly what he says to Jack when Jack comes by the mental hospital to make sure Hurley won’t spill the beans. Also apparently only six people got off the Island…the Oceanic 6.

Confirmed Dead
The two groups are basically just waiting. Juliet and Sayid join Kate and Jack who have recovered Daniel Faraday and Miles Strum (who insists on being taken to Naomi to figure out how she died–see below for how). They then head out to get Charlotte except that Locke has her and tied her beacon to Vincent.

Frank Lapidus lands the helicopter safe and sound, sends up a flare and is found by Jack and company. Ben shoots Charlotte ’cause he’s evil and she is wearing a vest.  Miles tells them they are all here for Benjamin Linus. Sawyer is beating up Ben, and Locke says he’ll shoot him but wants to know what the Smoke Monster is–Ben doesn’t know. He continues to then tell Charlotte’s life story and knows about the other 3 parachutists. How does he know all of this? HE HAS A MAN ON THE BOAT!

Quickie Flashbacks:
Daniel Faraday: Crying when they found Oceanic 815, a physicist.
Miles: Can see Dead People
Charlotte: An archaeologist or something. Doesn’t believe that Oceanic 815 has really been found. She is examining a Polar Bear skeleton in Tunisia, and
finds a Polar Bear Collar.
Frank: Was supposed to be the pilot and immediately realizes that the body of the pilot being shown is not actually his body.
Naomi is talking to Mathew Abaddon about how these four people are unsuited for this mission, he says they were picked for a reason.  The other four don’t  really seem to know what’s going on.

The Economist
On the Island: Sayid, Kate & Miles go to get Charlotte from Locke. Hurley fakes them out and they get caught by Locke (who couldn’t find the cabin) and  locked up (Sayid with Ben.) Jack and Frank watch as Daniel does some bizarre experiment where the time it takes for a payload to get to them takes over a minute (or is it an hour?)longer than the time on the island. Juliet goes and gets Desmond, who knows this group is lying about knowing Penny even though Penny did not send them. Sayid finds out from Locke that Ben has a spy on the boat. So Sayid gets Charlotte but leaves Miles and Kate (who chooses to stay) behind. He, Desmond, Frank and Naomi’s body head out (after Daniel insists that they follow the EXACT SAME HEADING that they came in on) to the freighter.

Sayid Flash forward: He works for Ben!? killing people on some list. He meets some girl in Berlin named Else who works for an Economist and she tries to kill Sayid so he kills her instead. Apparently they both were trying to find out about each other’s bosses. When Sayid meets up with Ben to get the Bullet out Ben intimates that he used “the last time Sayid fought with his heart instead of his gun” to get Sayid to kill people. Sayid says the people on the list are probably on to what Ben is doing…Ben’s answer? Good.

Kate wants to get Miles in to see Ben so that Miles will tell her what he knows about her. Basically she wants to find out if its safe for her to go back. She tells Sawyer she wants to use him to break out Ben—which he does. Miles gets his one minute where he basically tells Ben he will lie for him for 3.2 million dollars. Miles says “I know what you can do. You have 1 week. In cash.” Miles knows everything about her. So then Locke comes in and Banishes her so she has a quickie with Sawyer, and after he acts like himself she slaps him and goes back to the beach. Locke decides to “punish” Miles by putting a grenade in the poor kid’s mouth and walking away.

Kate Flash forward: She’s on trial, its not going well. She won’t let her lawyer use her son–so the guy brings in Jack who is asked straight up on the stand if he loves Kate. He says “No. Not Anymore.” Then she sees her dying mother who just wants to see her grandson in exchange for not testifying. The mother doesn’t testify, and Kate cuts a deal. She sees Jack in the garage and she tells him that until he is ready to see her son, there can’t be a “them”. She goes home to her son…Aaron.

On the Beach Jack is having trouble connecting with the freighter When they call the emergency number they find out that the helicopter hasn’t arrived. Also Charlotte is playing some memory game with Daniel and he can only remember 2 out of 3 cards.

The Constant
Desmond brain exchange. The helicopter gang is flying into a storm and Desmond all of a sudden has a mind swap where his mind from when he was in the army keeps going back and forth in time (where does the actual Desmond go?!) Meanwhile it appears that his army self has been transported forward into the helicopter. Not. Good. (By the Way the heading–3:05 North–you know from Eko’s Jesus stick). He gets thrown into sickbay by new people Keamy and Omar and sees another guy having the same experience but much worse off. Back on the Island Daniel is trying to explain to Juliet and Jack that time doesn’t work the same…he gets on the phone with Desmond and tells him that when he goes back to 1996 to get on a train to Oxford and find him (Daniel Faraday). If the numbers (2.342 @ 11 hertz) don’t convince you then “tell him you know about Eloise.” So that’s what Desmond does and in 1996 Daniel explains to Desmond that he can send his rat, Eloise, forward in time to where she already knows how to run the maze. On the Island in the present, Faraday says this happens to people with prolonged exposure to radiation. Anyway, when Desmond gets back the guy in sickbay with Desmond is George Witkowski who tells him that there is a communications device on the Freighter that blinks and that he was never allowed to answer it. Witkowski says that the messages were from Penny.

So back in 1996 Faraday says that in order to deal with all the chaos of the jumping and in order to prevent Desmond’s brain from short-circuiting he needs to find something familiar in both times and make contact, something he cares about. So Desmond tries to call Penny but her phone is disconnected. Back in the future (ha!) Witkowski tells him and Sayid that someone sabotaged the computers so no outbound communication is possible anymore. Back in 1996 Desmond goes to an auction where a ledger from the Black Rock ship and owned by Tovar Hanso is being bid upon by Charles Widmore. Widmore gives Desmond the address.

Back on the Freighter Sayid is fixing a phone and they find out its nearly Christmas 2004. Witkowski dies, and Desmond’s nose starts bleeding. He goes to Penny in 1996 and she doesn’t want to see him but he says he knows its too late but that he needs her phone number, and that “if there is any part of you that still believes in us” she’ll give it to him. He promises not to call for 8 years. On December 24, 2004, Christmas Eve he’ll call her.

And then he does and they proceed to have the shortest but most bawlworthy phone call of television history. She knows about the island and has been searching for him for three years. Desmond is restored to his right brain the minute he makes contact with his constant–and he recognizes Sayid again. Back on the Island Daniel is flipping through his journal finds a note “If Anything Goes Wrong. Desmond Hume is My Constant.” BEST EPISODE EVER.

The Other Woman
Juliet story. Apparently she was having an affair with Goodwin who was married to the Others’ psychologist. Ben, on the other hand, is in love/obsessed with Juliet so he cooks her a ham (very creepily of course) and then takes her out to see Goodwin’s body (gross). When she asks why he says “Because you’re mine.”

On the Island in the present Juliet and Jack are chasing after Charlotte and Faraday who are heading towards a Dharma base called the Tempest. Apparently this is how Ben was able to kill everyone with gas. Ends up Faraday and Charlotte are there to shut it down. Unfortunately Juliet is called upon by Ben by the whispery ghost/apparition of Goodwin’s wife who plays the “you owe me” card to tell Juliet she has to go and kill both Charlotte and Dan. Juliet of course realizes this at the last moment just as Jack and Kate (who Dan/Charlotte had knocked unconscious on her way back from being  banished) come through. This is when Juliet basically confesses her feelings to Jack saying you can’t be near me because Ben thinks I’m his and he’ll hurt you. Jack of course, cause now he has someone else to fix/protect says “let him.”

There’s some stuff with Locke and Ben where Ben tells Locke that the Freighter is owned by Charles Widmore who wants to use the island for his own gains. So in return for this handy information (and another file of information) Locke let’s Ben out and back into his own home, a free man.

Ji Yeon
Sun is having a baby and Jin is buying a panda.

On the Island. Juliet tells Jin about Sun’s affair to keep her from leaving for Locke’s. So to save her life. Also Jin’s English is much better. He naturally forgives her.

Of course Sun is having the baby in the real world as part of the Oceanic 6. Jin was buying the panda in the future in a cruel trip by the shows producers. So we see Sun, with Hurley introducing Jin’s daughter Ji Yeon to her father’s grave. No!

On the Freighter someone (Ben’s spy) is leaving notes and banging on pipes. Desmond & Sayid are taken to see the captain but not long after seeing Regina jump off the ship and kill herself. The captain says whomever is sabotaging the boat has prevented him from moving to safer waters. He confirms that this is Charles Widmore’s boat, and that he thinks that Ben is the one who orchestrated the fake Oceanic 815 plane in the ocean thing–including the 264 bodies. Oh—and that spy? Its Michael, which would have been more awesome when this first aired if we hadn’t known that Michael was going to be on the show like 3000 years before.

Meet Kevin Johnson
Michael wants to kill himself but can’t. Tom/Mr. Friendly tells Michael the Island won’t let him, and that Mr. Widmore is the man who put the faux 815 into the trench so that no one else will find it. He says that Michael er, Kevin Johnson is getting on a Freighter, undercover and that he’ll do it to redeem himself and then kill everyone the Freighter (Did I mention that Michael lost Walt b/c  he told him about what he did to Libby/Ana Lucia?) Michael tries to hit the button but the Island as Libby tries to stop him. Then Ben calls and claims that he doesn’t want innocent people hurt. Then Ben says he wants a list of names on the both and then he has to destroy the engines and the communications equipment.

Ben sends Carl & Alex to the Temple for some mysterious errand that will save them. Locke claims no more secrets. Then in the middle of no where someone kills Rousseau (no!) and Carl…and Alex shouts for all the world to hear that she is Ben’s daughter. Not.Good.

Ben to Michael: “Consider yourself one of the good guys.”

The Shape of Things to Come
A bunch of other losties are shot and the house where Claire is (Hurley hast he baby) gets blown up…Sawyer rescues her and she asks for Charlie (curious) before asking about her Baby. Ben finds out they have Alex. Its funny every single time Ben does his “I know everything about you” spiel as he does for Martin Keamy it continues to be more creepy than a handy way of telling the audience just how badass the other guy is….but that Ben is even more badass. And then in an attempt to save Alex’s life he disavows her as someone he cares about–and it backfires. Alex is dead anyway. “They Changed the Rules.” Ben says and goes into his secret room, through a secret door and into a secret cave. Also–another clue that not all is well with Claire, when she says “I’ll live.” Miles the man who sees ghosts says “are you sure about that?”

Did I mention that Ben called the smoke monster to attack their opponents? So everyone flees into the woods. Sawyer, Claire, Aaron and Miles head back to the beach, while Hurley, Locke and Ben go to Jacob’s cabin.

On the beach the doctor shows up with his throat sliced–except when Daniel calls back to ask what’s up they say “that’s not possible. the doctor is standing right here,” Bernard catches him in the lie. Which is when Faraday finally admits they were never taking them off the island. Which is when Jack who hasn’t been doing well, collapses.

Flash Forward. Ben wakes up in the Sahara and then proceeds to wander around being a preferred guest everywhere. We also learn that Sayid buries his wife, Nadia and Ben claims that he’s there to find out who killed her. When asked how he got off the island, Ben says he used Desmond’s boat (lie!) Ben uses this and his knowledge of Widmore to convince Sayid to kill a bunch of people for him. You know how he makes someone think its their idea to work for him, instead of the other way around. “This is my war, not yours.” “Don’t let your grief consume you like I let it do me.” Then he goes to Charles Widmore’s penthouse where both are bathed in half light half dark and tells him its a daughter for a daughter. Penny is next. “Once she’s gone, once she’s dead. You’ll know how I feel–and wish you had never changed the rules.”

I hate that this is the episode that made me hate Ben and pity him all within the same ten minutes. Its like getting whiplash!

Something Nice Back Home
Jack has to have his appendix out–and Juliet & Kate are successful, though Jack tries to watch with a mirror. Then Juliet tells Kate that Jack still loves her. Jin figures out that Charlotte knows Korean and uses that to bribe Charlotte into making sure Sun gets on the chopper.

Sawyer tells Miles to stay away from Claire after Miles finds Rousseau & Carl’s bodies in the ground. Miles keeps trying to hold the baby. Then after escaping from Keamy Claire wakes up and sees her dad (Jack’s dad) holding the baby, and the next morning she’s gone (though Miles saw her walk away with her dad) and the baby is left behind.

Flash forward: Kate & Jack are living together. Jack’s doing well, Hurley is not. When visiting Hurley he is told that “He’s not supposed to Raise him” that Charlie visits Hurley and that Jack will be getting a visitor soon. Jack proposes, Kate says yes, and then Jack sees his dad. I guess this is the start of the crazy, and the drug use. He also overhears Kate talking to someone on the phone. So now he’s paranoid and gets her to admit that she was doing something for Sawyer. Jack goes all nutso and says that Sawyer chose to stay behind, and that he’s the one who saved her…Kate says he has to go, she can’t have a drunk around her kid….and Jack laughs, “You’re not even related to him!” So i guess that means he knows Aaron is his half-nephew. I also guess this is when they break up.

Cabin Fever
Its Locke flashback time. We find out that he was a preemie baby that was abandoned by his mother (who had an affair with an older man). Richard Alpert is there in the hospital at the moment of abandonment. Then, later, Alpert still looking exactly the same comes to test a 5 or 6 year old Locke for a “school”. He asks him to pick out objects that are his (a comic book, knife, sand in a vial, compass, book of laws, and a mitt) Locke picks out the sand, compass and the knife–and Alpert gets upset about the knife and leaves. Then when he’s in high school and being beet up Alpert approaches him through Mittelos Bioscence for a “summer science camp” but John says no. Then we see Mr. Abaddon at the physical therapy place after John is paralyzed and it ends up that he’s the one who suggested John go on the Walkabout.

On the Island: Locke has a strange dream with Horace Goodspeed making a cabin…it keeps looping until it tells him to wake up. Locke takes Ben and Hurley to where the  Dharma bodies are and finds Horace (the mathematician’s) body in side which is a blueprint/map to the cabin. Also Ben tells Hurley that he didn’t decide to kill the DI, their leaders did. Ben is essentially lost his faith, and is basically trying to tell John that there are “consequences to being chosen, destiny is a fickle bitch.” John goes into the cabin and finds someone who can speak for Jacob” a man named Christian aka Jack’s daddy’s body. He tells John to ask the question–which is “How do I save the island.” The answer–“Move the Island.” Also–John sees Claire, who seems perfectly at ease, but John can’t tell people he saw her. Doh!

On the Freighter, Keamy and men come back, torture Michael for info, then Keamy takes the captain’s key and opens a safe….and finds some information about where Ben will go to save the Island. The captain won’t have anything of it and tells Sayid and Desmond to hide, they say no we’ll start ferrying people from the beach back to the Freighter, well Sayid does, Desmond won’t set foot on the island again. Frank lets Michael escape…and takes him to the Engine room but sees Keamy put some device against his bicep. Frank does not like what’s happening with the munitions going to the island–and they get in a fight and the doctor gets his voice slashed, well after Faraday has called. Keamy then shoots the captain. So Frank flies the psycho’s back to the Island, but is able to drop a tracker for the helicopter on top of those waiting on the beach.

There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1
Flash forward: the Oceanic Six come home–to a press conference and family (for most of them that is). Sayid is reunited with Nadia, Sun takes controlling interest in her father’s company to get revenge, Hurley gets an island party and the car from the start of the season–but the gas mileage is the numbers. Jack has his father’s funeral where he meets Claire’s mom and finds out she was his sister. Also the Oceanic representative is Admiral Caine from BSG.

On the Island there is all this switcheroo and you end up with Baby Aaron back at the beach with Sun on the first raft out, Kate and Sayid running after Jack & Sawyer who are going after the helicopter that dropped the tracker. Miles is there too. On the Freighter Sun and Jin see Michael have a chat before they discover a crap load of C4 on the boat. Sayid and Kate get caught by the others and Richard Alpert

Ben communicates with his peeps with a mirror and takes Hurley & Locke to the Orchid which is a greenhouse…where Ben, knowing there are people there (Keamy etc) surrenders.

So we have like six different threads going on. Ben Surrendered, Locke and Hurley are supposed to go down an elevator and do something in the Orchid station, Kate and Sayid are with the man who never grows old, Sun is on the freighter with the baby terrified about the massive amount of explosives below her, Jack & Sawyer are with Lapidus thinking about saving Hurley….

But of course as Ben says “How many times do I have to tell you John, I always have a plan.”

There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2
(a super sized episode)
Kate and Sayid help rescue Ben and shoot Keamey. So Ben tells them they can have the helicopter. Locke tries to convince Jack to help him move the Island, and wants him to stay. That they are there for a reason. That “if you leave this place, that knowledge is going to eat you from the inside out.” Locke pretty much calls Jack’s off island play book–lying etc. That they have to protect the island, because its the place that miracles happen. So Jack is back to the man of science “no such things as miracles.” Ben shows up and says they have one hour to get off the island….but of course on the Freighter it ends up there is no way to stop that bomb on the boat from detonating. Kate, Hurley, Jack, Sayid, Frank and Sawyer on the Helicopter…and then Sawyer isn’t because all that shooting gave them a gas leak and they need to be lighter. (Sawyer jumps after whispering something to Kate). Then the helicopter gets to the freighter with enough time to refuel, pick up Sun, the Baby and Desmond–and has to leave right as Jin runs up on the deck. The Freighter explodes, and Michael sees Papa Shepard who tells him–“You can go now.” Sun is not happy.

Faraday wants to make sure that Charlotte and Miles go with him back, Miles won’t go, and he intimates that he knows Charlotte used to be on the Island–that he doesn’t know why she wants to leave now. So Charlotte decides not to go because she’s looking for where she was born. He sees the Freighter explode and has to take everyone back to the Island. Juliet sees Sawyer coming out of the water

Flash forward: We’re back to the end of last season with Jack screaming at Kate that “we have to go back.” She slaps him and says that Jeremy Bentham (the dead guy) was crazy. That none of its true…then Walt goes to visit Hurley and they talk about the same thing. Then Sayid breaks Hurley out of the mental institution, and tells him that Bentham is dead…Sun meets up with Widmore and tells him to call her–he thinks she wants to help him. Ha! Kate wakes up one night to find Claire in Aaron’s room–her advice “Don’t bring him back Kate. Don’t you DARE bring him back.”

On the Orchid we see another Orientation video that involves doing something or the other with metal in a space to do something with time. Then Keamy shows up with a bomb linked to his heart rate monitor. Ben beats the crap out of him for revenge for dead daughter–and doesn’t care that the boat might blow up. The Ben does something and tells Locke that “whoever moves the island can never come back” and we see him in a winter jacket (the one we saw him wearing in the Sahara earlier in the season. Locke goes to meet up with Alpert….then Ben goes down into the cold/ice world and turns what looks like a horizontal ship steering wheel in the all. Flashy lights and the island just…disappears.

The Helicopter, now out of fuel and no where to go crashes, but they have a raft. That raft is then found, by another boat…that has Penelope Widmore on it. So we get the Desmond/Penelope reunion :). Then they all re stage their “fake rescue” of how the six of them survived, Desmond & Frank stay with Penny.

The last scene is Jack in a flashforward 3 years after the “rescue”, bearded breaking into the funeral home.  He is joined by Ben (with darker hair) who says that they all have to go back, and that what Bentham said was true, that after they left things got bad. That everyone including the body has to go with them. Who is in the coffin? That’s right, its the one…the only…John Locke. Boom.

Season 5:

Because You Left
We are now in Bizarro world. We open to a scene with Marvin Candle (who has a baby), and he goes down to the Orchid where we see an X Ray of the wheel. And then, in the hallway Candle runs into Daniel Faraday.

The Present is Three Year’s since the Island disappeared and we are taken through a bunch of mysterious happenings with our Oceanic 6. Lawyer’s want to check and see if Aaron is really Kate, Sun is held up by Charles Widmore to find out what she wants (to kill Ben), Jack is working with Ben to make everyone come back to the Island, Sayid and Hurley are attacked by asassins and Sayid kicks butt, again.

With the Island catsataways, they are bouncing around through time.They are a Broken Record that is skipping. First they are at the time when Yemi’s plane crashes and then….they’re not. Apparently you can move forward, you can move back but you cannot make a new path through time. Everything is fixed, the universe course corrects.John gets shot by Ethan in one time, but rescued and healed by Richard Alpert in another–he gives John a compass to give to Richard the next time he sees them. Then Richard tells John that he has to get them all back, and to convince them he will have to die. Then they are pre-hatch blowing up time, and while Sawyer tries to be the “Ghost of Xmas past” he can’t get Desmond to open the hatch…so everyone but Dan leaves. Then Dan bangs on the door and tells Desmond that the rules don’t apply to him, that if the helicopter made it off Desmond has to go to Oxford and find Daniel’s mother whose name is…..

Jack: How did we get here? How did this happen?
Ben: It happened because you left, Jack.

Dan: “Your Camp isn’t gone. It hasn’t been built yet.”
Dan: “You cannot create a new street. Whatever Happened. Happened.”

Richard: “We have to get the bullet out.”
Locke: “How did you know there was a bullet in my leg?”
Richard: “You Told Me…or you will.”

The Lie
The Present: Hurley brings Sayid home then his dad takes him to Jack. When Ben tries to collect Hurley–Hurley runs away and lets hismself get arrested. Kate goes to visit Sun and Sun says she doesn’t blame Kate for Jin’s death. Ben drops Locke’s body off at a butcher and defends Jack–he then goes to see a mysterious woman doing math in a room with a pendulum. It ends up to be Mrs. Hawking who tells Ben he has 70 days to get everyone together.

On the Island Lots of freaking out. Daniel come’s back, claims he has to figure out what time they are so he can calculate a way off. Sawyer is sad cause he thinks everyone on the Freighter is dead. He goes out into the woods with Juliet to escape arrows of fire and get accosted by two British guys in uniforms. Locke saves them by killing one.

Best line? Hurley tells his mother about the Lie and she says, “I believe you, I don’t understand it, but I believe you.”

Penny gives birth to a little boy…that they name Charlie. Desmond then travels back to Oxford to find Daniel’s mother but is instead led to one Teresa Spencer who is in a coma (sort of like George Winkowski (or is it Minkowski) on the Freighter). Daniel ran off to America but we learn that his research was funded by Mr. Charles Widmore who Desmond gets to give him Faraday’s mother’s addy which is–of course–in LA so after trying to lie to Penny she basically tells her man that the will go to LA together and get through this together.

Meanwhile on the island, Charlotte isn’t doing so well. Headaches, double vision etc. A bunch of castaways get blown up by landmines. First crazy firey arrows and then landmines. Sucks. Anyway Charlotte, Daniel, Miles, are held at gunpoint by a British woman named Eloise and taken back to camp, where Daniel does this crazy thing by mentioning he knows they have a hyrdogen bomb that is leaking radiation and he can tell them how to fix it. He also says he loves Charlotte to show he is not crazy. Richard sends Dan and Eloise out where first Sawyer and then Juliet show up and hold her at gunpoint–at which Daniel looks at this woman who looks really familar and tells her–that they need to put the bomb in concrete.

Juliet, Locke and Sawyer realize that the two guys they have captive are talking in Latin which is otherspeak. She asks to be taken to Richard….one kills the other so he won’t spill information and the second guy rusn out into the woods (John won’t kill him cause he is supposidly the leader of the Others.) John goes to the Camp where he tells Richard that he comes from Jacob, gives Richard the compass and tells him essentially what Richard tells him in the woods later during that past flash. Also that british guy that escaped? Charles Widmore. It is 1954 and apparently the others killed a bunch of US Army types who were testing bombs on the Island. John tells Richard to start making him the leader from the moment he is born in 1956….hence the earlier story with Richard and John.

Then there is a flash and everyone is standing near each other….but not Charlotte her nose starts bleeding and she falls to the ground out like a light.

The Little Prince
On the Island: Kate gets all dressed up and goes to the lawyer’s office to find out who thier client is. Jack, after Sayid is attacked again at the hospital goes to see her and follows her to hotel where Claire’s mother is. In the end though, Claire’s mother doesn’t know anything about Aaron and the whole thing was a giant fakeout concocted by Ben to manipulate Kate into wanting to leave. The same lawyers get Hurley out of Jail. At the end Five of the Six are at Long Island Pier, and Sun has a gun read to kill Benjamin Linus.

On the Island. Charlotte isn’t dead, but not doing so well. Faraday says it is basically your brain being unable to handle the time jumps, brain jet lag. John realizes they have to stop the flashing which involves going back to the Orchid station. Flash. They are now at the night Boone died, so we see the hatch light up, and Sawyer in a heartbreaking scene sees Kate deliver Claire’s baby. Oh those were the days….Flash. Miles’ nose starts to bleed, they end up back at the beach where they see a canoe with Ajira Airlines bottles in it. They take the canoe and get shot by some peoople. Flash. Its now raining and they row to shore….Juliet’s nose is now bleeding (clearly it has something to do with length of time on the island or something). There is French debris everywhere.

Then we meet the French people, who have instruments, a pregnant woman and Jin! Who is alive! Also the pregnant woman? Her name is Danielle, Danielle Rousseau. Sweet.

This Place is Death
At the Marina–Ben convinces Sun that Jin is alive. Sayid & Kate leave and Jack, well Jack is steadfast. That being said there is an exchange that I will recap for you here:

Jack: “I’m sorry we left Jin”
Sun: “Are you telling me this now so I won’t kill Ben?”
Jack: “No, If Ben is lying to us I will kill Ben myself”
Ben  who is the mommy driving the mini van when the kids are misbehaving: “I’m doing this to keep you all safe. You wanna shoot me? Then shoot me! But let’s get on with it.”

Its funnier on screen.

Jin is with Danielle Rousseau and Crew who are attacked by Smokey and in the end lose two of thier people, one of whom loses an arm before being sucked down a hole by what must be the temple. Jin flashes away and finds himself months later, and watches as Rousseau kills the rest of the crew because they have “the sickness”. She starts to shoot at Jin but…you know it FLASH.

This time he flashes to the same place as Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Charlotte, Miles and Dan on thier way to the Orchid. That being said, everyone’s nose is bleeding so its not good. Charlotte is the worst of all and she screams out how “THIS PLACE IS DEATH”, before giving them the information that if the

Orchid station doesn’t exist than they should look for a Well. Now how does she know that? They leave, and Charlotte tells Daniel that she has been to the Island before, and that a crazy man told her not to come back–that man was Danile. The she says something about chocolate before dinner and dies.

At the Orchid, John goes down just as it Flashes, and comes face to face with Christain Shepard who tells him that doh! “When we sayd You have to move the Island John, we meant YOU have to move the island.” So he goes to move the Island and Ghost Daddy tells John to tell his son he says hello.

Back in the Future, Ben et al has arrived at thier destination as has Desmond–who is confused as to why they are all looking for Faraday’s mother. Ben then gives Sun the wedding ring that Jin gave Locke (in order to convince her that he was dead) and tells her that this is how he knows Jin is alive. Then we see Mrs. Hawking who says its time to get started.

Um. Ok so I guess they all got back to the Island. Jack wakes up in the woods and as far as we know Kate and Hurley are there as well. Forty-Six hours earlier Mrs. Hawking takes them down to “the lampost” a Dharma station that predicts where the Island will be in time. There’s a lot of mumbo jumbo said here,and Desmond yelling about how he’s done with the Island and that Mrs. Hawking screwed him of four years of his life. Then she says they all have to be on Ajira 316 to get back to the Island. To Jack she gives him John Locke’s suicide note, and tells him to put his dad’s shoes on Locke’s feet. They have to recreate the events of the original flight as close as possible.

Then Kate shows up and makes out with Jack, but tells him NEVER to ask what she did with Aaron ever again. Hmmmmmm….The next morning it ends up that Ben has been beat up–which implies that he tried to make do on his promise to hurt Penny (evil evil man). We don’t know how successful he was. Jack has to go get the coffin and ends up at the airport where somehow the rest of the Oceanic Six have shown up. Sayid in Handcuffs, Hurley with a guitar and Frank! is flying the plane. Jack reads the suicide note which essentially says “I wish you had believed me, JL” and then there is a FLASh and we are back to the start of the episode. Then Jin rolls up in an VW Bug and we know…we are in 1970s.

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Locke turns the wheel and stops the flashing and ends up in the same Tunisian desert that Ben was in earlier. He is taken to a hospital where he meets Widmore for the second time. Widmore plays like he is the good guy, that he was the leader that got banished and that he wants to get rid of Ben so John can lead. He tells John where everyone else is and gives him a driver, Matthew Abaddon the same guy who told Locke to go ont he Walkabout. We find out that Helen died, and John strikes out with Jack, Kate, Sayid, and even goes to see Walt. Then he tries to kill himself, but Ben comes through and stops him but only long enough to wean out information about Jin’s ring, Eloise Hawking and how he has to die and then he strangles him himself.

On the island Illana (the woman who had Sayid in handcuffs) and this guy Caeser are going through a Dharma office. They are clearly not in the 70s. They walk out and there is John in a suit standing in the water. He’s acting a bit strange but really that’s normal for Locke. Then he finds out that some people were injured in the crash and he walks over to find Ben lying unconcious and bleeding. Locke knows what Ben did. Also we find out that Sun and Frank disappeared with the passenger manifest soon after the crash, and that some people disappeared into thin air before the crash.

Back & Forth. Back & Forth. First Juliet, Sawyer, Miles and Jin flash to see the whole Statue. Then they flash again only to no longer have the headaches and nosebleeds. They find out Charlotte has died and that Dan is a little nutty. They vow they will stick around until Locke comes back and will search for more survivors.

It’s all of a sudden 1977, and good ol’ Horace Godspeed is drunk and blowing things up. He’s married to someone named Amy and the chief of security is LaFleur, aka Sawyer who ends up helping Amy deliver her baby and covering up for Godspeed. They were apparently fighting about someone named Paul.

1974: And who is Paul? Amy’s first husband who was killed by the hostiles and was saved by Sawyer and Juliet who made up some story about being a salvage vessal after the Black Rock. Sawyer than is able to talk back the hostiles (through Richard) by telling him that he was with Locke, and that he wanted to know if they buried the bomb like Daniel told him too. So Horace lets them stay for two weeks, which ends up to be three years. It ends up that back in 1977 Godspeed got in a fight with his pregnant wife because he was worried about how possible it was to get over someone in three years. Sawyer says it is possible (LIE). (A random deatail, but Paul wore an Ankh necklace which is what the statue holds in its hand).

1977: Juliet and LaFleur are apparently an item, and Juliet saves Amy and the Baby’s life (both alive!) despite pretending to be a mechanic. Next morning though, he is called by Jin where he comes face to face with the newly returned Jack, Hurley and Kate.

Ajira Airlines 316. Frank lands the plane, he and Sun realize they are on the other island and follow Ben to some boats to go to thier island. But not before Sun slams the oar into Ben’s head. They get to the other island where hmmm….there’s Christian Shephard in the doorway with a picture from 1977 and who is in it but our other castaways, alive and well. His words to Sun? “You have a long journey ahead of you.”

1977 Jack, et al are smuggled into 1977 Othersville by Sawyer and Juliet who muck with the manifest. Everyone is supposed to look like they’re drugged up having just come off the sub, but what they’re really thinking is…James LaFleur seems to be the big man on this campus. That baby Amy had by the way? That’s Ethan. That’s right…THAT Ethan. While Jin goes to the Flame (communications) to see where the plane landed we meet Radzinsky who laughs at a plan landing–but his mocking is inturrupted by Sayid who is still in handcuffs. Unfortunatley he’s too late for Charades and is classified a Hostile (which is the only way Sawyer/Lafleur can save his life). When Jack goes to confront Sawyer about what they’re going to do next Sawyer looks at him and says “I am a leader that thinks, you were a leader that reacts. I’m going to read my book and think.” Jack says Ok and goes away.

Sayid in his cell is then offered a plate of food by a young boy…named Benjamin Linus. Boom.

He’s Our You
Did I mention that in 1977 Daniel is no longer with the Dharma crew? Flashback: Sayid kills a chicken for his brother. A scene vaguely reminiscent of the Yemi, Eko scene.Then we find out that Sayid killed more people for Ben, and then found out that Ben was pretty much just using him to kill Widmore’s men. Sayid is all like “I don’t really like killing.” Drat! Then we see how Sayid got captured and put on the Airplane. Sucks.

Sayid get’s visited by a bunch of people and taken to Oldham who apprently is “our you” of the Dharma peeps. He gives Sayid LSD and he admits everything but of course no one believes him so they vote to just kill him. Even Amy the new mommy. Sayid refuses Sawyer’s help, and instead continues to let Ben be nice to him…

Best line though is: “A twelve year old Benjamin Linus just fed me a chicken sandwhich. How do you think I feel?”

Hurley tells Kate about how she’s the last to know that Sawyer and Juliet are together. Together Together. Got it? She and Juliet pretend to have a nice chat, and then right when Kate’s about to tell Sawyer why she came back a van hits a building (the van is on fire). Its a distraction of course for Ben to break Sayid out to take him back to the hostiles….instead Sayid who has now decided what his true purpose in coming back is all about shoots young Ben at point blank range.

Oh man.

Whatever Happened, Happened
Jack says there is no way in heck he is going to help save Ben’s life. Kate is pissed at him and says she doesn’t like the “new” Jack…to which Jack says, “You didn’t like the old me either.” Juliet is able to save Lil Ben for the time being but since he needs a surgeon not for long. Kate decides to take the kid to the Others. Juliet sends Sawyer after her into the woods where Richard tells her that in exchange for saving his life, Ben is going to lose his innocence, and he won’t remember what happened. Ahhhh the conundrum. In the woods Sawyer tells Kate they never would have worked, he needed some growing up.

Flashback: Kate’s story. She goes to see Cassidy & Clementine and they become friends.Cassidy tells Kate that Sawyer jumped to get away from her, and that the reason she kept Aaron was because she needed Aaron. Then they take us back to what happened the night of the showdown with Ben and it ends up that Kate almost lost Aaron and decided to give him back to his grandmother.

Miles is “watching” Jack and Hurley and he and Hurley gets into the BEST conversation about Time Travel. Essentially Miles tries to explain the Daniel Faraday theory about the timeline being a straight line that Whatever Happened, Happened but then Hurley backs him into a corner about why Ben doesn’t remember any of them (see above conundrum). Then Juliet comes in and yells at Jack about how that he better figure out his reason for coming back fast, because if Saving Ben was it, he just missed the boat.

Then, having let Richard take Ben the never aging man takes the injured boy into the Temple.

Dead is Dead
Let’s just start this off by praising Desmond and being just happy again that Ben was unsuccesful in his plot to kill Penny. Why? Read on, my friends, read on.

Ben has to go get smokey to Judge him–he knows its for killing his daughter. After it doesn’t come to him, he goes under the Temple where Smokey becomes the Ghost of Christmas past and reminds Ben of his awful treatment of Alex. Then Alex is in front of him and she beats him down until he agrees to follow everything John Locke does.

Flashback to 19whatever. We see Ben kidnap Alex from Rousseau (apparently he couldn’t follow his leader, Charles and kill the baby). Then we see him banish Charles for going off island and having a family with someone else. When we Flashback to recent history we see how Ben got the crap beated out of him in that he tried to kill Penny (first shooting Desmond) but hesitates when he sees thier son Charlie.

The important part of this episode is Ben’s conversation with Sun where he explains that he didn’t know Locke would wake up (did I mention that he killed Caeser in his effort to get back to the mainland.) and that he clearly doesn’t remember really how he ended up with the others except that he knows that the temple is where he was taken to be healed. Also right before he goes down into the hole Ben looks at Locke and tells him to apologize to Desmond for everything. That’s right Ben. Apologize. NOW!.

Some Like it Hoth
All about Miles. He grew up with his mom, his dad out of the picture. He can talk to dead people. One day, after helping a father say “I love you” to his dead son, he is accosted by Naomi who makes him talk to a guy in the back of a restaurant. The guy is dead, but Miles can see things about a requisitioned airplane and graves that have been dug up. Naomi tells him she can send him back to the Island, and give him information about his father (and 1.6 million dollars). Then Miles is kidnapped by another group of people (one of the guys with Illana) who tells him that he is working for the wrong side, for Charles Widmore, and that he isn’t ready until he knows “What lies in the  shadow of the statue.” Miles asks for 3.2 million dollars which happens to be the same amount he asked Ben for last season. Oh–and Miles is dad? He is…

Pierre Chang…aka Marvin Candle. Miles has to take a body to his dad at the Orchid, and then he runs into Hurley who is rewriting the Empire Strikes Back because everything would have been different if Luke had just TALKED to his dad instead of letting him cut off his hand. Then there would be no Ewoks. Ha! Anyway Miles, is now in the circle of trust and so spends the episode driving his dad around along with a talkative Hurley.  BTW Miles was supposed to erase the tape that showed Sawyer and Kate delivering Ben to the Others, but Miles gets interrupted by Phil and leaves the tape in the player. Anyway, Dr. Chang takes Miles to another site which happens to be the Swan site–which of course freaks Hurley out because he watches as the hammer in the serial numbers on what will become the Quarantine door.

Meanwhile, Kate decides to confront Daddy Linus and ends up making him suspicious. Then Jack tries to cover it up as well…and promptly reports to Sawyer. Then Phil comes in saying, I know what you’ve been doing by the sonic fence. And Sawyer PUNCHES HIM IN THE FACE.

Also Miles finally almost talks to his father…..who sends him to pick up some physicists from Ann Arbor. with them is Danial Faraday. Who doesn’t look all that sane.

The Variable
Man. In one sentence? Daniel comes back and says we need to stop the Incident at the Swan site by detonating an atomic bomb.

Now for the long way. In 1977 the castaways including Daniel have a pow-wow. Daniel says his mother had it wrong, and that he needs to find the others. Jack, Kate, and he (after breaking thier cover in a shootout) head out into Others Territory where Daniel tells Jack and Kate about his plan for the bomb. That in three years, “Whatever Happened, Happened,” doesn’t account for the variables…aka human nature. He explains that his mother is an OTHER and that she will tell him where the bomb is now.

In Daniel’s past it looks like his momma encouraged him to be a a scientist instead of a pianist. He wins a grant from Charles Widmore and makes himself crazy (which is the scene we saw way back in his introduction where he is crying at the discovery of Flight 815 underwater) before hurting his gf  Teresa. Then we see him being approached by Widmore to get on the boat, and his mother telling him he has to go because the Island will fix his memory problems (hence the card games with Charlotte earlier). Back in 1977 he does go up to young Charlotte who tells him that she’s not supposed to have chocolate before dinner and then listens as he tells her to not come back to the Island. He also informs Dr. Chang that while the energy is contained at the Orchid, it is not at the Swan, and in six hours all will go to heck. He must evacuate the Island. Dr. Chang doesn’t believe that so he also does not believe that Miles is his son either.

In the present, Ben’s shot was actually lucky and Desmond is rushed into the hospital. There Eloise Hawking apologizes to Penny for what Daniel has done (since he told Desmond to come back to LA). She says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. Desmond is OK (thank god), and Eloise tells that to Charles Widmore who says his relationship with Penny is something he sacrificed. In response Eloise implies that he better not talk about sacrifice considering she had to send her son back know full well that….Charles interrupts her to confirm that indeed Faraday is his son to. Her response a nice slap
across his face.

1977 Daniel walks, head held high, into the Others camp and holds Richard hostage. He counts, one…two…tell me where the bomb is. And suddenly there is a bullet hole in his chest. As he collapses he sees that his murderer is Eloise Hawking. His last words are, “you are my mother.” Boom.

Follow the Leader
Eloise decides she believes that Daniel is her son and takes Richard, Jack, Kate to where the bomb is. Before that can happen, Kate defects because she doesn’t want everything to reset (Fugitive remember?). Sayid comes in and takes her place. Richard and company swim into the Bomb site and behold! Jughead! It looks like Eloise is the leader BTW.

Juliet and Sawyer find themselves caught in a pickle. So knowing that the Dharma folks won’t belive them say–we’ll tell you stuff if you send us away on your submarine. They say SURE! They head out along with Baby Miles and Mom, & Young Charlotte…and of course Kate crashes the party.

In 2007 Locke tells Sun to stay with the Others/Hostiles as we know them now. He then leads Richard and Ben into the woods and right before that flashback where Richard gives Locke the compass and tells him he’ll have to die in order to convince everyone to come back. Huh. Knowing what we know now about the end, that is mighty  interesting. Then Locke tells Richard that he, and all the other others are going to go see Jacob. Richard has to take them. Ben then tattles on Richard (who doesn’t know if he likes the knew Locke) and listens as Locke tells Ben he’s not going to Jacob to figure out how to reunite with Kate et. al.  He is going to KILL JACOB.

The Incident Part 1
Recapping the Incident is going to be tough but let’s give it a good try and aim for short n’ sweet.

We start out inside the 4 toed statue where this random dude is spinning a tapestry. Then goes out and makes a fish, and then settles in for a chat with another unnamed guy dressed in black. This is the only bit of dialogue from this episode that I will reproduce and it goes like this:

Man In Black: You brought the ship here to prove me wrong.
Man in White: Because you are.
Man in Black: Am I? They come, fight, destroy, corrupt; it always ends the same.
Man in White: It can only end once. Anything before that is just progress.
Man in Black: Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?
Man in White: Yes
Man in Black: One of these days, sooner or later, I’m going to find a loophole, my friend.
Man in White: I’ll be right here.
Man in Black: Always nice to be talking to you JACOB.

Throughout this episode we get mini-flashbacks of the man we now know as Jacob meeting our castaways and touching them. He stops Kate from stealing as a young girl, sort of stands by as Nadia is run down by a car, gives young James Ford a pen to write his hate mail to the real Sawyer. We also see him with Illana where he asks her to help him. He also sits outside the building when Locke comes tumbling down after his father pushed him out a window. He tells him he’s sorry this happened, and that everything will be ok. He is also a guest at Sun & Jin’s wedding.

Kate convinces Juliet who then convinces Sawyer to get off the submarine to stop Jack. They end up in the woods and run into Rose and Bernard who are retired. There is a moment when Rose and Bernard talk about they don’t care anymore about shenanigans and that all they care about is being together. Of course at that moment Juliet looks at Sawyer who is looking at Kate. Good Job.

Locke and company are walking towards Jacob and Locke tells Ben that he has to kill Jacob for him. On the way we find out that Ben was lying about seeing Jacob in the cabinet. He has never seen Jacob. Locke continues to manipulate Ben into becoming a murderer (again). Sun, on the beach sees Aaron’s cradle and find’s that ring Charlie had left for the baby. The one with the DS on it.

Illiana, Bram and Frank are doing thier own walk with a big metal box. They get to Jacob’s cabin and mention that Jacob hasn’t been there for a while that someone else has been using it.

Jack, Sayid, Richard and Eloise are removing the core of the bomb (or rather Sayid is) and they talk about how Richard doesn’t see how Locke is special and Jack says–just you wait….then Richard deserts Jack and Sayid so that he can get Eloise (who he knocked out) to safety (protecting his leader). They exit through a Dharma house and Roger Linus still pissed off about his missing son shoots and hits Sayid in the gut. They are rescued by Miles, Hurley, Jin. Sayid says he can modify the bomb to explode on impact but then the bus stops and oh there are Kate, Juliet and Sawyer as roadblocks.

The Incident Part 2
We see Jacob coming after Jack after being humiliated in surgery by his dad. Hurley meeting Jacob in his cab after coming out of lock up just before going on the plane. Jacob gives him the guitar.

Sawyer tells Jack he needs to talk to him so they go off into the woods where Sawyer tells Jack how a year ago (1976) is when his parents killed themselves. That he didn’t try and stop it because “What’s Done is Done.” He asks Jack why? Jack says because he had Kate and Lost her. Sawyer says stop being an idiot she’s right over there and Jack says…its too late. Sawyer then points out that hey, if your reset the world you won’t know each other MORON. So knowing Jack is not listening, Sawyer punches Jack in the face and they tussle as men do. Then Juliet stops them and says she changed her mind (we get a flashback of her learning about her parents divorce. “Just because two people love each other, doesn’t mean they are meant to be together.)” Sawyer asks why she changed her mind and she says it was when he looked at Kate. He says bullshit, and she tells him what her mother told her. Sawyer still doesn’t buy it, and Juliet says that she wants it never to happen so that she doesn’t have to suffer losing him.

Swan site. Dr. Chang is trying to stop the drilling and isn’t doing very well. Radzinsky is nuts. Phil tells him about the VW van coming towards them.

Kate & Jack are watching the drilling and she finally tells Jack that she is on the Island to find Claire, and she didn’t want him to ask about Aaron because she was really really mad at him. Jack looks at her and says he really needs her to believe in him now. Sayid reminds Jack about the whole bomb exploding on impact. He goes and drops the bomb, and nothing happens. All of sudden the metal starts going crazy and pulling towards the hole in the ground. Juliet & Sawyer decide to “Live together, die alone” and go to help him even after Miles points out that they might be actually causing the Incident. Jack get’s knocked out, Miles saves his father’s life. and Juliet…Juliet get’s dragged down into the hole and its so sad since she and Sawyer have the usual heart wrenching Iloveyou’s as she is being dragged further and further into the hole. And then she’s gone.

Um on the Beach Locke and Ben go inside to talk to Jacob. While they’re in there Illiana and Company show up and ask Richard “What lies in the Shadow of the Statue.” To which he replies in a foreign language “He who will protect/save us all.” They put down the box and show us what is inside, something they found in the hull of Ajira 816. That’s right its the body, the body of John Locke….

So who the heck is inside with Ben and Jacob? Its the Man in Black–or Esau as everyone is calling him. He says he has found his loophole and that it was hard. Jacob looks at Ben and tells him he has a choice.

Ben’s Tirade: “Oh, so now, after all this time, you’ve decided to stop ignoring me. Thirty-five years I lived on this island, and all I ever heard was your name, over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions — all those slips of paper — all those lists. And I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told, You have to wait; you have to be patient. But when he (Locke) asked to see you? He gets marched straight up here as if he was Moses. So…why him? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?”

Whine. Whine. Whine. Ben then stabs Jacob who in his dying breath before being pushed into the flame by Esau says “They’re coming.” At the Swan we see Juliet, pinned by beams, not dead by a long shot. She sees the bomb, unexploded next to her. She takes a rock and hits it over and over and over until the scene fades out, bathed in white.

Did I say Short n’ Sweet? I lied.

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