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May 23, 2010: The End

Minor Update 6/11/2010

Doc Jensen: The Island’s Story?

Post-Episode Links:

My Thoughts on the Finale
Lindeloff’s Last Tweet (on LOST): Remember. Let go. Move on. I will miss it more than I can ever say.
Cuse’s Last Tweet (on LOST): Enjoy tonight. And thanks for all your love and support for the last six years. You’ve lifted us up.

Chicago Tribune

Doc Jensen Recap: Part 1 | Part 2
Ken Tucker on EW.com
Liz & Jenn from the Washington Post
Television Without Pity Weecap

Washington Post.com Chat
On the Purgatory Theory
In Case You Missed it Jimmy Kimmel Alternate Endings
Best Week Ever
Best Week Ever: Best Six Videos from Finale Week

If you watched it online you missed the Target Lost-themed commercials

New York Mag (Lots of different links, including Emily Nussbaum (aka the hater’s) final thoughts.

Pre-Episode Links: There will be many more tomorrow.

Good Article by Hank Steuver on the Post.com
Casting Tapes
5 Minute LOST Rap
Top 3 Questions from Doc Jensen

Mashup Posters
ABC Lost Spinoff (not serious)
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LOST and Star Trek
Interview with Josh Holloway (Sawyer)
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Celebritology Column (has some of the links I posted above)
Illana as Jacob’s Daughter
Lost as done by Cats
Hurley Says Goodbye
Watching LOST with Damon Lindeloff’s mom
Best LOST Moments
Top 20 LOST Moments that made us cry


May 18, 2010: What They Died For

Post Episode Links:

Check out the LOST Finale Bingo at the top of the page!

Doc Jensen Article
Washington Post.com Recap
Best Week Ever
Videos from BWE
New York Magazine
WaPo Chat for What They Died For

LOST 5 With some interesting things for you to do for instance you can send your predictions for the LOST Message in a Bottle

LOST Interview
WaPo: Profiles in LOST–Stuart | Danny
Fan Ending trailer
6 years of Dude
Life after LOST

Time Interview Part 1Time Interview Part 2

Time: In Defense of Arrogance
Lost Songlist
Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

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Scientists Analyze their favorite LOST episodes
Bones to Peck with Lost’s Skeleton Science


Some Quotations to Start Us Off:

“I lived in your house for 30 years before you….which was last week.” Miles (essentially the story of LOST).

Desmond on beating up Ben and running over Locke in Sideways Lost: “I’m trying to get you to let go”

“I didn’t pluck any of you out of a happy existence. You were all flawed. I chose you because you were like me, you were all alone. You were all looking for something, you couldn’t find there. I chose you because you  needed this place as much as I needed you.” Jacob

Wow, I guess we’re really here. In 4 days we will be upon the final 2.5 hours of LOST. I know that some of you are disappointed, and I know I am an ultimate apologist, but I thought last nights ep was pretty good. Or, like I was telling my coworker maybe I was convinced by Jacob’s logic (or lies?).

Deaths: That death for Charles Widmore was anticlimactic and sudden. I think I agree with the WaPo ladies that I feel a bit cheated about not learning more about his role in taking back the island and fighting the war. Also what the heck about Dharma? I want to know more about Dharma!? Also was that really the way Richard Alpert bit the dust? Its a teensy bit tragic–I hope its not.  Unless he was committing suicide by smoke monster.

Other than that I feel like Jack has come full circle–stitching up Kate, no arguments about doing what has to be done. No wishy washyness and stepping up when he was needed.

Ben on the other hand has done his usual regression dance–but I keep hoping (along with my partial growing sympathy for him despite his tendencies to mass murder) that he is on his way to some sort of redemptive story arc. It was nice seeing him with Rousseau (who didn’t look crazy).

Then there is the whole thing with Desmond in the sideways world and his whole spiel with Locke and Ben about “letting go.” Where the heck is Desmond on the island anyway–and people need to stop threatening Penny. Never a good idea. Something is going down at this concert!

I also liked how there were a ton of light-hearted LOST-esque moments between Miles and Ben offering the devil lemonade while he waited for the “inevitable”. Which makes me wonder if Ben is once again trying to play Flocke just like he’s tried to play people from the start when he showed up as the cowering Henry Gale.

So one of the conversations I’ve had today was about the religious imagery and I have wonder if we haven’t been walking down this path from the start. The idea of humans being imperfect, the need for power and good versus evil. Black versus white. The idea that this island has a soul and a reason for existing. That Jacob saying a prayer over Jack’s communion into the sect of Island protectors is really a metaphor for the whole show–that they had to WANT to change themselves, they had to accept the island for what it was in order to truly let go and realize who they really are. They had to drink the cool-aid or it meant that “this place is death.” Whatever that means. I know I’m not know for my logical arguments :).

I think that Monday or Tuesday will be the last of your emails from me, though I may send you additional links by the end of the week. So for now, see you later. Until Sunday and “The End.”

Pre-Episode Links:

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and  Cultural Leanings actual Recap
Chicago Tribune Recap
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May 11, 2010: Across the Sea
Post Episode Links

Every question I answer is only going to lead to another question. You should rest, and just be grateful you’re alive.
—Mother aka CJ Cregg from the West Wing.

Just because I love Alison Janney I am giving you the link to her rendition of the Jackel from the West Wing.
Doc Jensen Article
A very very interesting recap that I got from the NY Mag re-capper below

I can’t help coming back, though, to Smokey’s frustration that Mother wouldn’t just come right out and tell him and Jacob in plain English about the spring, the island, the rules, etc. – and to the idea that she died without fully explaining things to Jacob. (Though it’s possible that him drinking the wine from the bottle that made him and Mother “the same” told him all he needed to know.) Cuselof have spent nearly six seasons teasing and frustrating us with questions that are posed and not answered, or ones whose answers inspire seven questions, or situations where characters could very easily choose to explain things to each other but choose not to. They talk a lot about how this is dramatically necessary – that scenes where characters share information are tedious, and that sometimes the most revealing character moments come when people are trying and failing to get answers.

But in watching an episode where we find out just how much of the suffering we’ve seen on the island might have been avoided if Mother had just come clean to her boys early and often (or, even better, not brained their biological mother with a rock), I’m sorely tempted to play psychoanalyst and wonder if, at the end, the duo are looking back over all the obfuscating they’ve done over the last six years and questioning whether it was the wisest course of action.

When you answer a question, you take away the suspense that comes from waiting for that answer, but you also rob that question of its power over the listener. Had Mother told Smokey the full truth about herself and the island, maybe he would have run away and started digging for electromagnetic spots, but maybe he would have recognized the rightness of her cause and become the dutiful son and successor she wanted. And had Darlton been less stingy with information (and/or more stingy with raising more and more questions), maybe the fan focus at the end of the run would be less on demanding answers and more on paying attention to the character arcs that the showrunners insist are the true heart of the series.

Washington Post.com Recap

Jen: Liz, stop asking so many questions and just enjoy being alive. But seriously… You’re right about the doubt re: Jacob as pure good and MIB as pure evil. But here’s the thing: MIB the person wasn’t pure evil. He had goodness in him, he was just understandably angry at his mother for lying to him and, you know, trying to beat his brains out inside a rocky cave. But the MIB we see now took over the original Jacob’s brother’s body. And in that form — as in the entity that emerged from the terrible, glowing river in smoke monster form — is evil.

Which feels to me like exactly what happened to Ben. Think about it: he was taken into the temple with Richard, where presumably the crazy glowing water source would have been. And he emerged as “something else,” and did all kinds of evil things to allegedly protect the island. But his ability to assume power and control miraculously vanished once resurrected Locke showed up.

Jen: And yes, Adam and Eve. That was the moment I found so moving about tonight’s episode. We have all speculated about Adam and Eve for years. Are they Jack and Kate? Rose and Bernard?
But it turns out they are not a “couple” at all, they’re a mother and a son. Which, as I implied earlier, is so what this show is about. Yes, “Lost” has its Skater/Jater romances, its Sun and Jin stories, its Desmonds and its Pennys. But the love that may be even more central is the love and the legacy that a parent passes to his or her children. It’s what made Jacob and MIB who they are, and it’s what made every single Lostie who they are, for better and worse. I thought they brought all of that together in a really elegant way with those season one flashbacks at the end.

Best Week Ever
New York Magazine..the Hater recap, which not really hating this week
WaPo Chat for Across the Sea

Michael Emerson Interview in NY Post (general hints that some might find spoilerific).

Mathew Fox on finale

Jimmy Kimmel:
Jacob and Man in Black Game
Lost Untangled with Muppets!

Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

Popular Mechanics:
Lost’s Submarine Bomb Is Plausible

Mommy Dearest

I will admit that this was a slow one. However, like any good apologist who is just along for the ride I think we got a lot of fodder for how to think about the last 3.5 hours of the show. First of all, we now know that Jacob and Brother (who I guess is not really his brother) were humans just like us at one point. I love how Mommy Alison Janney re-stated MIB’s whole conversation about humans coming and corrupting etc. Which I think is indicative of a little piece of MIB still being in the thing that is now the smoke monster. I also feel that there was a kernel of an answer about the whole baby thing in there….

Theory: We know that the Season 3 Dharma folks that we know were really the Others brought over when Ben killed the real Dharma folks. They had a list that involved kidnapping children and babies on order of Jacob–which makes me think that for some reason or the other he believed that any babies or children might be potential candidates and wanted to keep them safe from MIB before he could corrupt them.

Back to the recap–I also love that we saw the unleashing of the smoke monster, and FINALLY the explanation of who Adam/Eve were in Season One. On talking to a bunch of folks I realized that not everyone knows/cares/remembers who they are but I thought that while maybe a retcon (so retroactively making things fit, if I’m using the term correctly) it worked for me. I also agree with some of the re-cappers above that the episode brought the demi-gods playing around with people’s lives down to a more human level.

There are some overt mythological things here that I found intriguing–like the conversation about the rules while the kids were playing “backgammon” or the idea of the pure light that exists in everyone being extinguished if others were allowed to harness it. How does this relate to the time travel, and the need of Widmore etc to control and own the Island? How do we reconcile this mythology with what has happened to our castaways?

Only 1.5 week’s left, and then Whatever Happened, Happened

Pre Episode Links

Doc Jensen Countdown
WaPo Pre Episode: The Lost Five
Totally LOST
Washington Post Lost Finale Happy Hour
Vulture Mag Q&A with Producers
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Who are these people? Pre-Island, Island and Sideways.
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11 Ways Lost Should or Could End by Atom
Evangeline Lilly on Letterman
Frank Lapadius: Yes, He’s really dead


May 4, 2010: The Candidate

Post Episode Links

BREAKING NEWS: The LOST Finale will now be 2.5 hours. That’s right….Sunday May 23rd will have a 5.5 hour LOST Event.

7-9 Preview Show
9-11:30 Finale
11:30-12:30 Jimmy Kimmel Live

God. Seriously. If there weren’t four hours left, this episode might have been enough to just kill me. Commentary at the End, Lots of links below.  Fine.

Read this first–from the producers on why they did what they did:
Doc Jensen Article
Washington Post.com Recap
Best Week Ever

New York Magazine: (for the haters who aren’t liking the season so far...)

Quick Interview with Daniel Dae Kim on Celebritology:
Quick Interview with Henry Ian Cusick on Celebritology:
Another Interview with Daniel Dae Kim on Television Without Pity

WaPo Chat for The Candidate
From Hiatus Week
Top 5 unanswered Questions

I think linked to this once before but I thought I would again: Lost Play List
Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

Popular Mechanics:
Fact Check: Lost’s Dural Sac Science
Lost’s Submarine Bomb Is Plausible

Eulogy to the dead:
If there ever was a love so strong
It was Sun and Jin who could do no wrong
She kicked ass
He worked for the brass
….and left behind a wee little lass

Sayid was a torturer we loved to love
He glistened and talked as smooth as a dove
Detonating bombs, and making radio’s worked
He LOST Nadia and Shannon, and often lurked
And off he went in the blink of an eye
Admitting that Desmond was still very alive
He took the bomb and shouldered the blame
I hope that he died, without any shame

Sigh. I know, I know they still seemed to not have told us very much, but I think we have established that FLOCKE IS EVIL and that the man in the sideways world is probably the Locke we had grown to love over the years. Did you hear what he said in the bed? You should have pushed the button, you should have listened to me. There was even the bit about Whatever Happened, Happened, and the music box for Claire from her dad included “Catch a Falling Star”–and we saw both of them in the mirror.  All of the clues we’ve learned to mine over the last six years–and it makes me wonder about the whole enclosed spaces bit. Did Widmore really rig the Plane, or was that all a part of Smokey’s plan? Does Jack, once again feel responsible for Jin and Sun’s death–he is after all the one who broke them out of the cages on Hydra island. Every week I”m the optimist, I KNOW they will end this in a way that I’ll be satisfied with and this episode had what we have been missing, tension tension–decisions between Faith and Science (oddly this time between Jack and Sawyer). Does Locke remember something in sideways world, does Jack?

Most endearing line of the episode is when Jack looks at Locke and says: “I was kind of hoping you would go first.”

Also…I am going to just admit that the minute they started playing Charlie’s death dirge from The Looking Glass that I might have started sobbing a little. Sigh. Four Hours Left. And next week looks to be an hour of mythology. Hooray…..

End Stream of Consciousness.

Pre Episode Links!

Totally Lost
On Book Inspirations
LOST Countdown 1

LOST Countdown 2
Celebritology Lost 5
LOST: What Should the Actors’ Do Next
NY Mag Article with Evangeline Lilly

Random Lost Parody merchandise


April 20, 2010: The Last Recruit

Post Links & Commentary
Doc Jensen
Dueling Analysis
Best Week Ever Recaps
New York Magazine
WaPo: Chat
Wired Magazine Article
Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

Popular Mechanics

Lost Hit and Run Fact Check

Commentary: I think today we will do a little recapping about where our castaways are on and off the Island:

Jack: Interesting time we live in. Jack is operating on Locke who has a messed up nerve sack…sounds a little like the time when he had to count to ten to get rid of his fear. Then there’s Jack off the island who after jumping off of Libby/Desmond/MIB’s boat has just been blown up and is dependent on Locke. Jack has become the man of Faith–who doesn’t trust Flocke and wants to protect the island. Jack has Illana as a lawyer, who introduces him to his sister Claire. Off the island brother and sister reconnect, but he leaves her behind when they make a run for it—oh and then leaves her again when he jumps off the ship.

I’m already tired of recapping where these folks are….too much happened with Jack. I mean we found out that MIB was Christian.  I also am really hoping that some of the Sayid we love is still in there somewhere and that he did not shoot Desmond. I hope that Desmond’s question of W.W.Y.T.N.W.S.R.F.D. (What Will You Tell Nadia When She Returns From the Dead)

Now let’s talk about the most important thing Sun and Jin are together again! Hooray!!!!!!!!!

Also WTF with Widmore re-negging on his agreement. Jerk.

I haven’t had a chance to read all the commentary, but as a LOST apologist I liked the episode…..I know we’re sooo close and they are still working on set up, but honestly that’s all LOST really has ever been…a crap load of set up with the money shots in the last four hours. (Come on LOST peeps don’t let me down.)  I also forgot the best line ever.

Hugo: “But people come back from the Dark Side. Anakin did”
Sawyer: “Who is Anakin”  (love me a good Star Wars reference)

Pre Episode Links:

Countdown to Lost
Doc Jensen Weekend Column on Everybody Loves Hugo
Vote for Your Favorite Fan Promo
You’re all Gonna Die! Lost Tarot Cards
Profiles in LOST Fandom
Hurley gives New York Magazine a Tour
Final LOST Cast Photo


April 13, 2010: Everybody Loves Hugo

NOTE: Finale TAKES PLACE ON A SUNDAY. 2 Hour Retrospective + 2 Hour Finale + Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Doc Jensen
Dueling Analysis

Best Week Ever Recaps:
Everyone Loves Hugo
Desmond Episode
New York Magazine
WaPo: Chat

Chatter: With all the talk of bloodbath and people dropping like flies, should we expect quick, unceremonius deaths for major characters? Am I going to see a tree fall on Sawyer and the other characters just kind of go “well that’s the island for ya!” like Illana?

Jen Chaney: That’s a good point. Not a lot of mourning there. Frankly, everyone seemed a lot more upset when Arzt went boom.

If a tree does fall on Sawyer, he will not die. He will simply say, “Son of a bitch,” then wriggle out from underneath and make some sort of joke related to the planet Endor. He will do all of this without wearing a shirt.

Man, that sounds like a *really* good episode.

Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

Popular Mechanics
Lost Abuses the Laws of Electromagnetism
A Puppet Pierre Chang is actually the host of Lost Untangled and is pretty funny

Who Loves Hugo? I do! I do!

I’m trying to catalog my thoughts on last nights episode in 5 minutes because I have a host of things to do here at work and this is my five minute break from madness. Last night was equal parts infuriating and magical. How could you not enjoy an episode that has Hugo’s mother telling him he needs a date, him finally being with Libby, more Desmond Hume, some explosions and of course, one really big answer (though I know some of you disagree) about who those crazy ghosts THAT aren’t our not-so-loveable smoke monster actually are. At the same time, we now have all the “Candidates, sans Jin” together, Desmond version 1.0 in a well and Desmond version 2.0 trying to run over Locke (or is it Flocke) in the Sideways world.


I think that it is interesting because at two points they indicate that Desmond is aware of his alter-ego. 1. His son’s name is Charlie. 2. That final moment as he guns down a man in a wheelchair he seems to be reacting to that same man (or is it?) pushing him down a well.

I do like how Hugo took charge, and I love love how he started to remember things at the end. I keep thinking about how this episode is a little bit of a parallel to the Everybody Hates Hugo Episode of Season 2–where he spent so much time thinking everyone would hate him for being in charge of the food in the hatch that he eventually just gave it all away while here, he didn’t want to sit and let someone else make decisions for him so once again in order to stop his own guilt he just took charge–

That doesn’t make sense. Nevermind.

That conversation with Jack was probably the most telling because it was really Jack admitting that maybe he needed to listen more, and to have Faith and Trust in others more. Something he didn’t have when he started all of this.

I suppose I should say RIP Illana we hardly knew ya, but she sort of should have expected it the way she nonchalantly threw around that dynamite.

So we’re getting closer…and closer….but to what.

Here’s what we have left.
The Last Recruit (4/20)
The Candidate (5/4)
Across the Sea (5/11)
What They Died For (5/18)
The End (5/23)–2 hours long

Pre-Episode Links

Remember that Season 2 Episode “Everybody Hates Hugo?” No? Well here is what happened.

Everybody Hates Hugo
Really nothing happens in this episode. Hugo is put in charge of the food, while Locke has to coerce everyone else to take part in the button pushing. Hurley is afraid that as the keeper of the awesome food (including Apollo bars) people will see him as a “master” and come to hate him….just like when he won the lottery money. We find out that the others that have Jin, Michael and Sawyer captive are the “tailies”, or from the back part of the plane, whose numbers are not the 23 they started with. Also we see Bernard for the first time (hooray for Rose! he’s alive). In the end Hurley decides not to blow up the food, but instead of rationing it give it away.

Doc Jensen’s Weekend Column

Doc Jensen’s Mailbag:

Countdown to LOST
Totally Lost Videos for Happily Ever After

The Lost  5 from the Washington Post (There is an interesting tidbit in number 3 about Jin and a dream Hurley had in aforementioned Season 2 Episode).


April 6, 2010: Happily Ever After

Pre Episode Links
I don’t like the title of this episode. Why? Because it doesn’t suggest good things for tonight…

Doc. Jensen’s Pre-Lost Column
5 Questions to Ponder

What are you doing after the LOST Finale? Watching Jimmy Kimmel of course!

The Hater’s Lament from NY Mag re-capper
Totally LOST

Stephen Colbert Mocks V Countdown clock
Also a little April Fools Tom Foolery from ABC

Post Episode Links

Doc Jensen

Dueling Analysis

Best Week Ever Recaps:
New York Magazine (not posted yet but it will be here)
WaPo: Chat
Interesting theory from the Chat:

Richmond, VA: What if they’re not in a “pleasant prison,” but the alt reality is where they get, as Eloise said to Des, “what you always wanted.” Only it’s still incomplete — or even incorrect. For Des, he finally has the approval of Widmore, but he’s without Penny. Locke has a relationship with his father and Helen is still in his life, but he’s still unable to walk. Jack isn’t as conflicted over his father’s death, but is now struggling not to become his father in his relationship with his own son. Alex is alive and well, but Ben isn’t her father. Sun and Jin are reconnected, but can’t have a life together. Nadya is safe, but she’s married to Sayid’s brother.

Liz Kelly: I like this idea. Lots of people wrote variations on the same theme in the blog comments. That you are given your heart’s fondest desire, but there’s a price.

The thing is — up until last night’s ep — none of the characters realized what they were missing. But now we have Des, Daniel and Charlie all starting to realize the lives they left behind

Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

Popular Mechanics
Lost Wrongly Blames Head Trauma for Sudden Language Loss
Finding Themselves in ‘Lost
The podcast of the couple in the article above

Another LOST Band “The Others
A Puppet Pierre Chang
Jeff Jensen’s Lost Countdown

Everyone Loves A Good Desmond Episode…

There is a scene in last night’s episode, the car is sinking and Charlie looks over at Desmond with knowing eyes–telling him that there is something he needs to see. Desmond swims out of the car, catches a quick breath then dives back under to save this n’er do well rock star who doesn’t seem to care for his life….wants just one more thrill to catch a glimpse of what should have been, what could have been.

With that knowledge (and perhaps knowing more than he lets on) Charlie places his hands upon the glass and we flash and Desmond glimpses what happened, because it happened–he glimpses the warning, the beginning of the end–the moment in the Looking Glass Station where everything started to change again.

And that’s about the time when I was glad I was watching the show, by myself–b/c I’m fairly certain, despite suspecting that this was how it might play out (not really) that I let out a little yell/yelp.

I loved this episode. Its no surprise that the best episodes of this series often have to do with Desmond (Flashes Before Your Eyes, The Constant, Happily Ever After). There was also a wealth of detail on what exactly the Flash-Sideways world is. I think the comment above from the WaPo chat is a good point, and I am very intrigued by how will Desmond was to work with Widmore on the Island, and that he, not Jack, is the catalyst to maybe fix everything.

I also won’t lie that the fact that this episode had my trifecta of favorite characters (Charlie, Daniel and Desmond) was part of what endeared it to me, but it also provided the linkages on what, to this day seemed to be separate narratives….it also, to some extent makes the Dharma stuff, the experimentation, the others (the other others) have some tangible connection to the epic struggle between the demi-gods Jacob and MIB.

Questions: How is it that Daniel could write up quantum mechanics, and that Charlie could remember Claire? What makes him and the people on island who were dead before different (Charlotte, Minkowski, Charlie), is their awareness different than those who are still alive on the Island? What exactly does Mrs. Widmore/Hawking know? (Also someone pointed out to me today that Penny’s last name was Penelope Milton aka Paradise Lost). It looks like Penny is also Desmond’s Constant in Sideway’s land as well.

Request: So I’m working on an Epic–THE END blog post about Lost when we finally get to the final season. So I thought I’d toss it out to the gang and see what themes I should make sure to include…..of course some of this depends on the next four-five weeks, but still….

That’s enough for now. I’m sure I missed loads of details (like the numbers showed up at some point in this episode as well).


March 30, 2010: The Package

A advertisement during the Series Finale of Lost will cost you $900,000 for 30 seconds. Anyone got spare change lying around?

Pre-Episode Links
Sneak Peak of Tonight Episode (its a Sun & Jin Episode!)

Music Videos:

Doc Jensen Weekend Column
Pre-Episode Column

The final episode title (if you dare–seriously though it doesn’t have an ounce of spoilers in it.)

Post Episode Links
Doc Jensen
Pre-Show Questions from WaPo
Dueling Analysis

Best Week Ever Recaps:
Ab Aeterno
The Package
New York Magazine
WaPo: Chat

Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

Video: Sawyer and his favorite phrase
Totally Lost
Illana (the actress who plays her not Illana) talks about playing Illana

Popular Mechanics
Lost’s Storm Wave Is No Tsunami; Couldn’t Carry a Ship Inland

There were two lines that I really loved last night (and I know from text messaging was others favorite as well).
1. Frank telling Miles “Let’s not talk about Bacon.”
2. The whole conversation between Jack and Sun on the beach. To some extent he seems a lot more like Season 1 Jack (in the first episode) the man who hasn’t been plagued by uncertainties and visions of a dead dad, but someone who is self assured and very leader like.

I was thinking about how we’ve been going around in circles this season. That is seeing things from Season 1 from a different perspective. So it was kind of nice to go back to the Garden with Sun.

As for Sayid and his lack of feeling that freaked me out a bit. I wonder if “being infected” removes you from the emotional plane that is humanity and turning him into a …..ZOMBIE!

(Just kidding), seriously though that look Desmond (whoo hoo) gave Sayid when he was thrown on the dock was priceless. There are some discussions going on about why Desmond was so beat up…I think its b/c the last time we saw him he was undergoing surgery for being SHOT! Which interestingly is also technically the last time we saw Widmore before he landed on the island. Talking to Faraday’s mother.

I did find it interesting that Locke admitted to Claire that she and Kate weren’t on the list and that “whatever happens, happens” aka she can do whatever she wants to Kate. It strikes me that maybe he kept Claire around so he could control Kate because he knew her hold on Jack and Sawyer.

Also do we think that maybe some of Locke still remains inside MIB? I mean he did mention the whole “there’s a war coming” conversation. Also did Widmore realize that Locke he saw was FLocke? I guess he did…

Er….what else…it was interesting to see McPatchy actually get his eye shot out–which may be a sideways explanation for how he lost his eye…and maybe a similar situation on how he lost his eye in regular land…

I think that’s it. I love Sun & Jin and am hoping for a happy ending there but who the heck knows. Do you think she’ll be taken to Juliet who is an OBGYN?


March 23, 2010: Ab Aeterno

Post Links

Doc Jensen I think the Wrinkle in Time reference on page 9 is interesting.
Pre-Show Questions from WaPo
Dueling Analysis
New York Magazine (Not a fan of the episode but the recap was hilarious)

WaPo: Chat
Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
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I’m one of those “along for the ride” people and thought last night’s episode was fantastic.I know, once again, lots of people weren’t so happy with it, but knowing what we know how could there ever have been any other reasoning for the island than what we were told last night? I know that the great “clash of the titans” is a familiar trope, but I feel like they have been setting us up for this all along. While I am sure that there will be a bigger twist before we’re all done, I think what this allows us to do is take these individual lives that we’ve grown to love and hate and put them into a larger frame of meaning. The show has always been about repeating the past, or choosing a new one. Finding faith or losing it. I thought last night, despite not having any of our regulars, gave us the larger picture. Told us what we are dealing with so that our lost-a-ways can actually prove Jacob (whatever role he plays) right. That we can change who we are.

All this being said here are some of the answers we got last night:

1. The island is sitting on hell, or darkness, or malevolence, and that its Jacob’s job to stop that evil from seeping out into the world.
2. The statue was destroyed when the Black Rock rolled in.
3. Jacob is really trying to show that we are not inherently bad or good, that we can change but he’s trying to do it without interference while the man in black like’s to meddle. Which, incidentally knowing what we know now puts Mr. Eko’s showdown (and Locke’s) in a whole other light.
4. Hurley’s whole I can seed dead people is probably part of what makes him special. That he’s not seeing dead people the same way that Jack saw his dad (who was probably MIB).

As for Richard “Ricardo” Alpert’s back story, a fairly simple one–but its nice to see how even in the 1800s he still was part of the six degrees of separation game with his connections to Alver Hanso’s ancestor.

I’m still maintaining that there is something else going on here–and that last night put the bigger picture into better focus.  However there are still  a bunch of loose ends. Whose war is going to be fought? What is the role of Widmore and Penny and Desmond in all of this.

I loved it, would love to know what the rest of you thought.

FYI here is what Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the Office) thought about the episode (via Doc Jensen’s column): ”Tonight’s episode was one of TV’s greatest of all time. I’m gay for the eternal Richard Alpert. There I said it.”

Pre-Episode Link
First of all let’s talk about the title which according to Wikitionary is:

Source: Latin
ab aeterno

1. Since the beginning of time.
2. (figuratively) Since a very long time ago.

Now for Doc Jensen’s Weekend column
Totally Lost


March 16, 2010: Recon

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Post Doc Jensen Article
Pre-Show Questions from WaPo
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New York Magazine
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As a girl I have to give a shout out to the number of times Sawyer did not have his shirt on in this episode. Great. Now that that is out of the way, I have to say there was some solid storytelling.

A. We seem to be looping back around to characters since now we have Kate running around and running back into Sawyer. Off island story stuff was good and I wonder what the mirrors are supposed to tell us about sideways world.

B. Charles Widmore returns, what is in the locked room? (Penny, Desmond, baby Charlie?)

C. That whole exchange between Claire–Kate–Smokey and the crazy mom story was creeeeeeepy.

D. I like how Sawyer played six ends against the middle and all he did was tell the truth.

E. I wonder if Daniel Faraday exists in Sidway’s world. It was nice seeing Charlotte again and Miles as a Cop was cool. Also the random shout-out to Liam Pace looking for Charlie was interesting as well.

All in all solid. Not awesome like Ben centric episode last week but Solid.


March 9, 2010: Dr. Linus

Doc Jensen
Dueling Analysis

Best Week Ever
Or a big lebowski connection

New York Magazine

WaPo: Chat
Doc Jensen on Twitter
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Someone said look at this image again and see how it looks now that we’re a few + episodes in:

I really want to let this episode’s awesomeness speak for itself. On the island we get a Ben Linus who has been beaten finally articulate why he’s so angry and why he reacted the way he has. He’s still evil, still deserves the lonliness and pain he’s got but I’m glad that Illana showed her humanity and recognized the manipulation that Jacob had done to him.

Off the island it was nice to see the machinations with Arzt, with some Locke prodding but also nice to see that he did the right thing by Alex, and that he was taking care of dear old dad who confirmed that the sunken island happened after the 1960s and 70s after Dharmaville was built.

Also excited about seeing Widmore again, and the little exchange between Jack and Richard. Loved’ Hurley’s quips and that Miles in the end got the stupid pair (Nikk/Paol’s) diamonds. Someone should enjoy them right?

All in all a great episode. 😛

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Sundown analysis
Totally Lost:
Casting Update–Ana Lucia returns
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Five Points to Ponder


March 2, 2010: Sundown

Post Episode Links!

Doc Jensen
More teasers/light spoilers (depending on how you define them) from Paley Panel

Lost: 5 things to Ponder

Dueling Analysis
Best Week Ever
New Recap site (New York Magazine)
WaPo: Chat
Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

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Random Article about Darlton and how they became involved with LOST

A couple of things. When the episode first finished I was sitting at Jeremy’s place with my good friends Andy & Elisha thinking, how the heck can we be 1/3 of the way through the season and with nothing really to show for it.

Now, I’m sort of taking it back. Now I know that aside from a really high body count not a lot happened last night. Or so we think. Maybe it seemed like, once again, another giant play on the giant chess board we call lost, or maybe it was painting a picture that seemed to mess with our heads once again. Aside from looking at the episode as this sort of long winded nothing happened tale lets try to break it down a bit shall we?

What do we know.
Sideway’s World:

It seems like Sideways Sayid’s relationship with Nadia is very different from real-time Sayid. He clearly is doing the self-torture “I don’t deserve” love routine. The basic details of his life are the same. He was in the Republican Guard, and is still the sort of person who feels guilty about his work during that period.

Kate: Is still on the run, but not for killing her real dad but blowing up his place of work instead and inadvertently killing a plumber.  She still has crazy US Marshall after her. All in all, out of the other three stories we have seen hers is the one that doesn’t seem to have changed all that dramatically.

Locke: Well in Sidways world our Locke is confident and not at all self-pitying. He doesn’t need help, he has Helen and has a good relationship with his dad. I think we can argue that out of all of the four sideways stories we have read his is the one that has changed the most, and for the better.

Jack: Jack is well Jack, but he still has a problem with his dad who appears to have still been a douche who had affairs in Austrailia. The difference is of course the biggie, his son David who has creative genius and is “special”. Jack is someone who is capable of actually being a father, despite his on island self being pretty much a leader wanna be.

On the Island

Doc Jensen makes a few good points about Sayid’s charachter shifts in his column. The one I found the most interesting was that they aren’t making it apparent that Sayid is as religious as he used to be before he got off the Island. This Sayid, post-back-from-the-dead is still bad ass but once he met up with Flocke appears to have been poisoned the same way Claire was. What changed? If he made that deal with Flocke about Nadia, what deal did Claire make?

Jack has his own plethora of problems as we have seen for the last 5 years and he is Jacob’s number one.

Kate has found Claire but will probably have a knife in her back before long.

Locke well…Locke is dead and we have Flocke instead.

After the “massacre at the temple” this is how things are set up….Alana, Sun, Frank, Miles have gone through Jacob’s secret door.

Sayid, Flocke, Sawyer, Jin, Kate (albeit seemingly reluctantly) and Claire along with the former Temple inhabitants are marching towards something so that Flocke can get un-trapped.

Jacob (dead) is with Jack and Hurley.

Ben is….I can’t remember if Ben is with Allana and company or on his own. Though I will put that moment up as my favorite when he walked in on Sayid and Sayid gave him the crazy look.

What does this all mean.

Here’s the idea that I think makes the most sense, and I think Leah (my coworker/friend who some of you know) mentioned it to me today and that someone else suggested it on the Washington Post chat today in some variation.

What if during whatever showdown we have now the castaways seal their pact with the Devil (with evil, or the wrong side as Dogen said) and in return Flocke is able to make them all happy again and grant them their “greatest wish”–and that is what the sideways world is all about, NOT the reboot after the atomic bomb. However, the problem is despite having their wishes granted, Flocke screws them over and things aren’t quite right, and that some self-awareness exists between the lost-a-ways back in the “real/parallel” world.

I don’t think that all this stuff is being put in for the heck of it. I also think that there is a reason that out of all the sideways stories we have seen, Jack, Kate, Sayid and Locke are the four we have seen so far. They are all four in different camps and it looks like Ben who is in a league of his own is next week and will show us another dimension of this world. To some extent, this is through the looking glass/down the rabbit hole (aka down into Smokey’s world of being untrapped). What if this new self-adjusted Locke who is unafraid is really new self-adjusted Smokey who is stuck in Locke’s body but is happier b/c he is not on the island?

A few things I loved from last night’s episode
I love it when Sayid fights, despite his turning evil. I liked creepy Claire and how after Kate told her the truth she said calmly “I am not the one who needs to be saved.”

If smokey is the ghosties on the island, is Jacob the ghosties off the island? Or is it Smokey all the time? Can Smokey summon people or is that only in Jacob’s purview? I don’t think Flocke realizes that despite killing Jacob the man in white is still very much a player.

I think that is it for now. Thoughts?

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February 23, 2010: Lighthouse

Who can be Jacob?
Doc Jensen

WaPo Dueling Analysis
Best Week Ever

Doc Jensen on Twitter (2/3 EST)
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts

Candidate List based on the Dial

Popular Mechanics

Lost’s Spinal Surgery Claims Have No Backing in Modern Medicine

This is a Jimmy Kimmel clip that may or may not be new

“I came back because i was broken and i was stupid enough to think this place could fix me.”

So I guess Jacob is recruiting as well, and his number one choice is Jack. That’s interesting considering the whole Man of Faith Man of Science dichotomy that was set up in Season 1 between Locke and Jack….and look who appears to be on the Island Overlord’s most wanted….

Something is going on with all these injuries of Jack, but I think there is something interesting about these Flash-Sideways stories. On the surface everyone (except Kate) seems to be a little bit more stable and less of the whole emotionally unstable bit that we’ve come to know about our Lost-a-ways. But the more we learn to more we seem to see that things aren’t quite perfect…at the same time though mirror Jack seemed to figure out fairly quickly that he is NOT his dad and repair his issues with his son before history repeated itself.

On the island though I’m glad that the links above mentioned that in the episode with Jack in Season 1 (the one that this one was mirroring) his dad tells his son that “he doesn’t have what it takes” too bad that little detail slipped my mind–but I’m glad it got Jack moving. Also when they got to the cave I literally yelled out that Adam & Eve have to be Rose & Bernard…and that they have to tell us sometime so why not now!!! However it was interesting that Jack admitted to Hurley that the Ghost of his Dead Father lead him to the caves in the first place, just as I was impressed at how he and Kate easily walked away from each other–whereas in Season 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 they chased after each other like chickens with their heads cut off.

On the other hand, Claire was superhuman and creepy. That “baby” in the bassinet was creepy too…and why did Jin lie to her after admitting that Kate had taken Aaron? Why not mention that hey, you left him in the middle of nowhere to go traipsing through the jungle.  Then again maybe Jin was testing her–and somehow I wasn’t surprised that her “friend” is Fake Locke.

I think my favorite part though was getting to the top of the Lighthouse and seeing the compass dial. 360 degrees, each degree connecting to a number. At least we know where they came from even though we don’t know exactly what it means. I also thought it was sort of nice to return to a “looking glass” especially with the flash sideways references to Alice in Wonderland.

Aside to the commercials for that show V: I don’t appreciate the creepy commercials referencing LOST…its just too strange.

Jacob: “Its the only way for him to understand how important he is.” I did think that Jacob letting Jack stare out into the ocean was interesting–especially since that’s something that Locke did before becoming obsessed with the Island in Season 1. Is Jack the new Locke and therefore the new Man of Faith?

Pre-Episode Links
Does this title make you think of last season’s Dharma Station: The Lampost?

Shannon is coming back! ( say that like I’m excited about it, when I’m sure you’re all like me, sort of meh on her charachter.)
Doc Jensen Interview with Terry O’Quinn
Pre-Doc column–in which he invokes my favorite mythology oriented trope–The Heroes Journey, Joseph Campbell and the Hero with a Thousand Faces…..
Totally Lost


February 16, 2010: The Substitute

Doc Jensen
Washington Post Dueling Analysis
Best Week Ever

WaPo Chat
Doc Jensen on Twitter
Lost Twitterverse
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Popular Mechanics
Lost’s Hand-Cranked Torture Device Based in Fact

Lostopedia Candidate List
Some videos about “candidates” and the wall of names (those other then the six we heard them say out loud
Jimmy Kimmel Videos on LOST
Jimmy Fallon does LOST

I figure for today we’ll go train of thought….Helen!!! I love how Sawyer figures out that its not Locke in like three seconds.  Uh and who the heck was that kid with the bloody hands. Sideways Hurley is the shit.  A temp agency? AWESOME. You know the rules, you can’t kill him. Is that kid Aaron?

Sidways Rose! I have Cancer. In the sideways world they are all a lot more open etc. “Got past the de-nile and got back to living whatever life I’ve got left. How about we find you a job you can do.” Book reference: Steinbeck (Looks like Fake Locke is way old (that books a little after my time)). New Locke is freaking creepy.  Taken under a cave where there are names crossed off WTF? And the names have numbers attached….

16 Jarrah
42- Kwon (Jin or Sun?)

4 8 15 16 23 42

Hmmm where’s Kate? Choices you thought you made were never really choices at all…pushing you to the island?  Note: Two theories I’ve heard so far–that if the Kwon is Jin then all of the “candidates” are male and that’s why Kate wasn’t there. BUT then why did Jacob see her in the past? My theory is that Kate sort of has found her purpose with Aaron and the others on this list are still sort of trying to find their way toward something.  Of course Locke is no longer valid…speaking of which…

I love how Sideways Ben Linus and  Sideways Locke are both teachers. LOL  Also seriously? If Sawyer is not playing a con on smokey he seriously just made a deal with the DEVIL. I don’t trust him a all. I also was a little freaked by how freaked Richard was. The man who is the picture of calm, did not look so calm.

And how about that funeral? And the implications of Illana taking sand from the center of the pit?

Quotation Nation:

  • Helen: What are the odds of you running into a spinal surgeon. Maybe it’s destiny.
  • Sawyer: I thought you were dead. Fake Locke: I am.
  • Fake Locke: What if I could answer the most important question in the world? Why are you on this island? Sawyer: I’m on this island because my plane crashed, my raft blew up and the helicopter I was on was one too heavy.”
  • Sawyer:”Well I guess I better put some pants on!”
  • Fake Locke: “What I am is trapped. I’ve been trapped for so long I don’t even remember what it means to be free. Before I was trapped I was a man just like you.”
  • Ben’s Eulogy: “John Locke was a believer, a man of faith, a much better man than I will ever be, and I’m very sorry that I murdered him.”
  • Sideways Locke: “I’m sick of thinking of what my life would be like outside of this chair. I don’t want you to spend your life waiting for a miracle because there is no such thing.”
  • Fake Locke: Why? Because you are a candidate. He thought he was a protector of this place, You James have been nominated to take over this job.
    • 1. You can do nothing See how this all plays out
    • 2. Accept the Job, become the new Jacob and protect the island (from nothing, there’s nothing to protect it from, it’s a damn island.)
    • 3. We just go, we just get the hell off this island and we never look back.

Pre-Episode Links

Doc Jensen Article
Totally Lost on What Kate Did


February 9, 2010: What Kate Does

Pre Episode Links

Doc Jensen’s Pre-Episode column
Best Week Ever Recap

Oceanic 815 Side by Side (From Season 1 and Season 6)

Lost from the perspective of those who have never seen it:
Totally Lost with some clues

Post Episode Links and Commentary

Doc Jensen
Washington Post Dueling Analysis
Best Week Ever

Ultimate Citizen’s Brigade on Lost Fan Fiction

WaPo Chat
Lost Twitterverse
ABC.com Podcasts
Look its an Always Sunny in  Philadelphia Cameo (For Leah)
Things Doc Missed in LA X

Popular Mechanics
Lost Season Six Premiere has Rock Solid Science

The Problem With TV Time Travel—And How Lost Can Fix It

Commentary: So. What’s the verdict? bizzare, but also intriguing since we heard a reintroduction of the infection and the vaccine stuff from season 1/season 2, which is interesting because didn’t Claire actually take the vaccine for a while?

Anyway–somethings I’d like to point out. Someone in one of those links above mentioned that in new Oceanic 815 reality Sun and Jin weren’t actually married, that in previous Oceanic 815 reality she went by Mrs. Kwon, but in this scene didn’t seem to know English, and went by Ms. Paik. hmmmmm.

While I think the temple is boring a lot of people I’m finding being in the inner sanctum facinating because it has potential to explain some random stuff about smokey and who the actual bad guy is. It looks like Sayid may not be Jacob but maybe smokey after all? But if Smokey is Locke can he also be Sayid? I don’t htink so. However maybe he can poison others into being his puppets and fight in his army.

I have no idea what I’m saying. I did like how adult Kate was when dealing with Sawyer. While I thought she was chasing after him for the old reasons I forgot that she has a legit reason for being there. If only she had stuck with Jin! Also I liked how Jack was all like “I don’t trust myself” finally a little acknowledgment about how you may have screwed things up.

I also love how Hurley is acting like the leader and Miles is still acting all shifty about Sayid and hanging out in the Food Court.

I also got all thrown off when we saw Ethan and the strange paralells between the Kate/Claire relationship off the island and on the island. Doc Jensen does a good job of tracking down similarities.

That’s it for now. What did you guys think?


February 2, 2010: LA X


Trailer for the Season
What some say is a very important scene to watch to get this season

Dueling Analysis
WaPo Chat

Doc Jensen Lengthy Recap
Doc Jensen column from right after the episode with some conversation from Messrs. Carlton and
Doc Jensen
Totally Lost

Near the end of ‘Lost,’ what’s been found along the way (WaPo.com)

Lost Fan-Anthem
The Onion
Lost Twitterverse

Jimmy Kimmel Lost videos
Worst LOST Episodes ever
ABC.com Podcasts

Commentary: So its been about six months, and it looks like our intrepid castaways are now living split lives, and we now know that Fake John Locke/Esau is also more commonly known as the smoke monster. Question: Does the dead body have to be on the island in order for smokey to masquerade as him? How did we feel about just how freaked out Benjamin Linus was upon seeing Locke’s dead body in the box? Does he deserve it? Are we good with the fact that Ben was a pawn like everyone else, or do we want him to be the ultimate villain?

Castaways on the Island: I’m not sure I like that we saw Juliet die, again, but it was nice that she got to impart that final message…oh wait she didn’t. Thank God for Miles. It looks like Jack is going to be broken for this episode, and I am really, really glad that Sayid made it through the Fountain of Youth/making dead people live. I like how Hurley was really forceful, and i wonder if we’re going to see him turn into a leader in his own right. I appreciated being able to finally see the Temple and the method in which Baby Ben had been saved.

Castaways’ in the Reboot: Are there any ramifications for Jack getting 1 bottle of vodka instead of 2. I wonder if in this reboot does Rose actually have cancer? I mean Hurley doesn’t have bad luck, Boone seems OK that Shannon stayed behind, Charlie wants to die (instead of use), and Locke actually seems OK with being in the wheelchair.  I think out of all the stories I am really don’t like how Sun & Jin are back to the hating each other mode. Though its fortuitous that Claire and Kate are in the same car.  What the heck was Desmond doing on the plane, and where did he go?

So What did you guys think?


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Top Episodes to Watch (You can read the summaries for these on my blog :)).
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The Official ABC Promo (12/15/2009)

December 1, 2009: Awesome preview from Spain. You can read an analysis here.

Doc Jensen post here.


3 thoughts on “Lost Season Six News

  1. Not sure if this was discussed in the other articles but my biggest question is: Given the reboot somehow split everything into two threads (island people from the original thread and LAX people who safely landed), how did Juliet know that the reboot worked since she is part of the first group?

    1. Oh! I think she knows because at that last moment she was connected to both words. In her moment of death she was living in the “other” world.

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