Run as Fast as You Can

Over the weekend I ran the  Army Ten-Miler (in honor of my friends who currently serve here and overseas–that’s you CC & AE).

Here are some cool things about the race….

1. Running without my ipod on a beautiful day can be exhilarating.

2. That Batman and Glinda the Good Witch can exist in the same dimension.

3. The day after, walking down stairs is more painful than walking up stairs.

4. That music does make each mile shorter  (thanks to all the bands- Paul VI your music made Mile 6 bearable).

5. The Rocky theme does pump you up.

6. Gatorade rules.

7. That it is possible to run from the Pentagon to Foggy Bottom and down to the Capitol in 2 hours and 10 minutes (13 minute pace).

8. Carbs are really, really good when it’s all over.

9. That having someone to yell encouraging words at you really does make you feel great.

10. The last 50 yards are the hardest, but once you cross the finish line its all worth it.

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