Creative Collaboration: In Dreams

IMG_0613It’s almost the end of March and I realized I never posted the creative collaboration from February. The inspiration that month was a phrase that hangs above my roommates bed, one that looks to our dreams as a refresh button.

I chose the framed image as inspiration for two reasons. The first was that it was a nice contrast to the beauty in last month’s image. The second is that the words force the reader to move along a continuum. As they slowly spread out in the space the last line is the closest to filling the full frame providing stability, strength. Filling a purpose.

And so this month we have three submissions. A photographic series, a musical composition, and a collage.

Mr. Peaches

By Robert Cannon

In Dreams

By Priya Chhaya

I recently pulled out my violin after a very long hiatus. So I thought I would try a little improv for this month’s creative collaboration. It was a fun little experiment but upon playback I can hear my rustiness both in phrasing and bow control. An added incentive to practice!

Dream Remix

By: Grace Cannon

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