Philly by Food

Continental Midtown
Continental Midtown

While I was in Philadelphia I ate at some fantastic places.


Right across from Eastern State this place has a little fun with its location serving meals with names that fit right in with the criminal justice system. Things like Bonnie & Clyde or like my sandwich “The Scapegoat” which is local garlic herb goat cheese, with spinach, tomato, red onion and pesto on ciabatta. I love goat cheese.

Really Really good Gelato. Enough said.

El Vez
A Stephen Starr restaurant this place has great ambiance. I ate here for New Years a few years ago  and loved it.  This weekend we had the black bean enchilada and the chicken taco’s and some tasty sangria. All good, and with a giant motorcycle rotating around the bar it was a great meal!

After El Vez we made are way over to Tria for some desert. The Lemon tart/cake had just the right amount of  tartness combined with sweet delicious blueberry compote.

I had a delicious cabot clothbound chedder from Vermont and we tried a Tawny Port ( “10 YR. OLD,” RAMOS PINTO, NV) from Portugal and a Port “Ink Grade Vineyard” Heitz Cellars, NV from Napa. We both liked the second Port better than the first (a little less of an aftertaste).

Continental Midtown

madnarin orange and coconut
mandarin orange and coconut

I’m just going to list what we got. Visit the website and check out the pics here and on my picasa page. This is a great little place. Chic and really trendy.

We started out the meal with a orange and coconut palatte cleanser. I had the Corn and pepper omelet  with Nutella toast. My friend had banana fritters (get these!) and a breakfast quesadilla.

So, next time you’re in Philly check some of these places out.

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