Save America’s Treasures: Save America’s Jobs

So I wanted to pass along some of the things going on at work this week. Some of the programs threatened by the 2011 Federal Budget is Save America’s Treasures, Preserve America, and Heritage Area’s funding. I know we have a budget that is gluttoneous and out of control, I know that sometimes we have to make “hard decisions” but this is something that we can say is the “wrong” decision.

Obviously I’m a big fan of these programs because of what they do for our cultural heritage but did you  know that they have created jobs and partnerships across this country? If you want to take action you can send a letter to your congressperson by clicking here, and use the power of blogs and social media to spread the word about how important these programs are. For the social media toolkit click here.

Don’t know what Save America’s Treasures is? Click here. Also check out the video below.

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