The Story of US Through Save America’s Treasures and Other National Trust Reads

I have a new blog post on Sort of an homage to the variety of sites supported by Save America’s Treasures.

Before we were Americans we lived off the land, within the cliffs and earth. We were Cherokee, Iroquois, Cheyenne; we were the Sinagua, ancestors of the Hopi, who lived here at Honanki (AD1100-1300).
I also wanted to point out this well written blog posting on Cape Wind by Roberta Lane. Its an issue that I actually have only paid a little bit of attention to as the issues have progressed. I found this to be a very well reasoned, well thought out discussion about dealing with cultural resources while we are also trying to save our planet.

Lastly, if you like Chicago Architecture here’s a great interview with Chicago’s First Lady of Modernism by Arnold Berke.

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