Raise/Raze at the Dupont Underground

A few weeks ago I wrote two separate pieces on a unique art installation at the Dupont Underground in Washington, DC.  The exhibit took the plastic balls from National Building Museum’s “Beach” exhibition and turned it into an interactive work that looked at the building and re-building of structures.

Raise/Raze at the Dupont Underground.
Raise/Raze at the Dupont Underground.

You can read more about the work in these two posts:

Rolling in the Deep (SavingPlaces.org):  A look at the volunteer/community building aspect of the exhibition.

Dupont Underground: Activating Historic Spaces Through Innovative Reuse: A look at how the Dupont Underground’s mission is built on activating an abandoned trolley tunnel and how they are using the arts to bring it back to live.

Here  are a few images from the exhibition.

One of the volunteers building the module for Raise/Raze

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