[Presentation] Multidisciplinary Storytelling in a Digital World

How do you tell the history of a place throughout time that seamlessly integrates other forms of expression?

We can tell the basic story of the past — the who, what, when, where, and why, but how can we account for a story where human expression and connections to those events become as important as the events being described. Equally critical —  are the digital tools, and methods we can use to communicate these ideas in our work to tell the full American story.

Exterior of the Colosseum | Credit: Priya Chhaya

As many of my readers know I spent a lot of last year thinking about storytelling in all its forms. I had the opportunity to present on my research (so far) and my visit to Italy/England last summer to a group of colleagues at the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Below is an edited video (minus the Q&A) of that presentation.

Bonus Video: I also had the opportunity to interview filmmaker Angelo Baca for a piece on Preservation Leadership Forum. As part of this conversation we talked about the role stories play in the preservation of Native cultural resources. His response captures the importance of the intangible in remembering the past. That video is below the presentation.

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