Art Meets Art: No Spectators

No Spectators
August 8, 2018
Renwick Gallery

View of one of the installations at No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man at the Renwick Gallery.

I saw the shadow of a figure
The upturned face of a woman, unafraid
I saw a metal dragon, an inner sanctum
A philosophy built on leaving no trace
I don’t know if I ever really understood
What Burning Man would be
But I saw connections, between the earth,
The soul,
The sky,
And a yearning to be creative,
Be flexible

Be free.

Some Words

Over the years I’ve had a few different opinions about Burning Man, however the more I learn about it (from some wonderful friends who attend yearly) the more I’ve come to recognize the festival as a space of creativity. The exhibition at the Renwick this past year effectively illustrated both the philosophy and practice behind the creation of the festival, and seeing some of the spectacular and innovative art pieces up close brought to mind the ways imagination and creation can make the world a beautiful and expressive place.

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